Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, December 17, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Grand Jury Probes Gardner Art Heist !! Update, Christmas Day, 25th December 2007, !!!

Update, Finish Your Christmas Dinner Bob, Get Yourself Down to Brazil !!!

Unidentified Art Collector Thought to be Behind São Paulo Picasso Heist

SAO PAULO, Brazil—Authorities in the Brazilian capital have announced that they suspect a wealthy art collector of having commissioned last week’s theft of paintings by Picasso and Brazilian artist Candido Portinari from the city's Museu de Arte Moderna, the Associated Press reports.

However, the police have not identified the suspect, “so as not to jeopardize the investigation” said Adriano Monetta, a spokesman for the São Paulo State Public Safety Department.

The AP also reports that that the two stolen works, Picasso’s Portrait of Suzanne Bloch and Portinari’s Coffee Worker, are uninsured, as are the rest of the 8,000 works in the museum's collection.

Memo to FBI Icon Robert Wittman !!

Bob, finish your dinner, get the Brazilians on the horn, ask them to identify their art collecting suspect, then analyse to see if this person could be in possession of some of the stolen Gardner art.

Bob, when you get to Brazil, the "go to" man is Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia, 44, also known as Chupeta "Lollipop" he is prime for a deal, s'hh you know why, just get down there and make the deal !!

Bob, you will need Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia to apply pressure to Edemar Cid Ferreira and his son Rodrigo Rodrigues Cid Ferreira in order to allow the stolen paintings to surface.

These guys will not deal with Brazilian authorities hence why the FBI Art Crime Icon Robert Wittman is needed to make the deal. Moises Manoel de Lima Sobrinho is the culprit who the key to solving the case.

Bob, be careful not to eat any food cooked up by Moises Manoel de Lima Sobrinho as he is a bit of professional in the kitchen, not to mention his criminal links, however good the food looks like, it might contain a Micky Fin!!

I would have put forward the Iconic Art Loss Adjuster Mark Dalrymple, (the chisel jawed Gillette man, who, is soon to be crowned the AXA Art Insurance Man of the Year 2007), but for this particular Brazilian case it needs an Icon from within Law Enforcement.

There was a rumour that Whitey Bulger took some of the Gardner art to South America when he fled Ireland a couple of years ago.

However tenuous the South American Whitey Bulger link, I think the Gardner Art should be mentioned during the negotiations for the Brazilian stolen Picasso's etc.

Perhaps this Art collecting suspect in the recent Picasso theft should be infiltrated by none other than our dear friend and master of disguise/disaster, FBI Icon Robert Wittman.

Just a thought Bob, time for a Mardi Gras junket that could produce a result and get some of the stolen Gardner art back.

Sorry Mrs Wittman for spoiling Bob's dinner, but Bob should be packing and heading for Brazil, if only to recover the recent stolen Picasso as well as the group of paintings stolen in 2006.

However, a closer look at Russia may reveal the stolen Mardi Gras paintings and also some of the stolen Gardner art, Semion Mogilevich is my "go to" guy in Russia, he will co-operate if offered the right deal.

A blanket raid on this unidentified stolen art collector, being put in the frame by Brazilian Police could recover some of the illusive Gardner art.

Alternatively, Bob can utilise his Irish connections and urge for the Vermeer and co to be placed in a Confession box to be discovered and returned to Boston without any pre-conditions.

Come to think about Bob, why not promote the Catholic church to take receipt of all stolen art that is handed back, Catholicism is revered in Brazil, why Brazil is home to the largest number of Catholics, 125 million, so utilise this fact and offer a Catholic Church confession box as a returning point for Iconic stolen art.

Finally Bob, I know you are a stickler for detail and authenticity, like the other great character actor Robert De Niro, but in this particular case A "Brazilian" does not mean you have to remove all of your bodily hair !!

Bob, I said finish your dinner !!

You still eating ??

Grand jury to hear art theft case

Ex-worker tells of subpoena
By Stephen Kurkjian
Globe Correspondent / December 17, 2007

A federal grand jury is scheduled to hear evidence this week into one of Boston's most enduring unsolved criminal cases, the 1990 theft of priceless artwork from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, according to a former employee who worked at the museum at the time.

The former worker said two FBI agents questioned him about his recollection of the theft several days ago and handed him a subpoena to testify before the grand jury in Boston tomorrow.

The agents told him they were gathering facts on the case and were hoping that the grand jury would "shake things up" in the long-stalled investigation, said the former worker, who asked not to be identified.

The agents did say that they were pursuing the possibility that the theft may have been carried out by three individuals - and not two as has long been publicly believed, the former employee said.

On Friday, a spokeswoman for US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan's office declined to comment on the grand jury, stating that the office never confirms or denies the existence of such a session.

A spokeswoman for the Gardner Museum also declined comment.

The former museum employee read portions of the subpoena to the Globe and said it was signed by Brian T. Kelly, a veteran prosecutor in the US attorney's office. Kelly has helped spearhead the federal investigation into and the crackdown of James "Whitey" Bulger's criminal enterprise.

Thirteen pieces of artwork, including three Rembrandts and a Vermeer, were stolen from the museum, which is located in the Fenway, during the early morning of March 18, 1990. According to press reports, two men dressed in Boston police uniforms persuaded the museum's night watchman to allow them access to the museum by contending they had been sent to investigate a disturbance in the museum's outdoor courtyard.

Once inside, the two disguised as police officers tricked the watchman into leaving his desk, which contained the only alarm to the outside world, by telling him he looked like someone on whom they had a default warrant, according to press reports. After he had left his post, the watchman and a second guard, who had been doing rounds at the time, were handcuffed, bound with masking tape, and then tied up in separate spots in the basement of the museum, according to press reports.

For nearly 90 minutes, the thieves made their way through the museum's darkened galleries, ripping paintings from the walls and in some cases cutting masterpieces from their frames.

Among the stolen pieces was the only seascape that Rembrandt ever painted, "Storm on the Sea of Galilee," and "The Concert," by Vermeer, one of the most valuable paintings in the Gardner collection.

Over the years, the crime achieved notoriety as the largest unsolved art theft in world history with the value of the stolen works estimated between $300 million and $500 million.

The theft was vigorously investigated at the outset by the FBI, which assigned more than 40 agents to the case.

Several museum employees, including the two guards, were given lie detector tests, but no hard leads ever developed.

Over the years, hundreds of leads have been pursued by federal authorities but invariably they involved vague tips from well-intentioned individuals or some less well-intentioned ones who were trying to inveigle money from the museum.

The Gardner has had a $5 million reward posted for the return of the artwork in good condition for more than a decade.

Art Hostage comments:

This is the FBI preparing the public for the revelations that are about to come out.

What about the ex-Gardner museum employee who died in mysterious circumstances in Paris a few years ago ????

The FBI are closing in on Whitey Bulger and when he is arrested he will reveal all the double-dealing and double crossing that went on with the FBI regarding the Gardner case and FBI sanctioned murders, all known about by current FBI Director Robert Mueller when he was an Attorney in Boston during the 80's.

The FBI have been offered the Gardner art on several occasions, but won't take Yes for an answer.

The reward of $5 million for the return of the Gardner art in "good condition"

So subjective, a mere flake of paint missing from a corner of a painting could be deemed as not in good condition, thereby negating the reward payment.

Also, a "Subject to" condition in the reward offer means, if so disposed, the Gardner Museum could, refuse to pay the reward legitimately.

Establishing who actually robbed the Gardner museum may still leave the FBI five steps away from the actual art.

However, if the FBI can squeeze those involved, they may snitch and allow the FBI to trace the current possessor of the Vermeer and co.

The Churchill quote, Summer 1940:

"Round them up, and Collar the Lot"
is finally being applied to the Gardner case and the pursuit of Whitey Bulger.

This new impetus leads me to believe that the Green light has been given to arrest Whitey Bulger and recover the Gardner Art,from the Political masters who, up until now, have thwarted any FBI attempts to solve these two infamous cases.

Could FBI Director Robert Mueller be announcing his retirement soon ???

Make no mistake, the Gardner case, as well as the pursuit of Whitey Bulger, could have been solved years ago, if the FBI had the incentive and Political permission to do so.

Art Hostage has been quietly offering advice to those who control some of the stolen Gardner Art and I have given my best estimations of how likely it is for the reward to be allowed to be paid.

The Art Hostage plan has been approved by all sides and when the time is right, the Vermeer and co will appear via a confession box, with the Catholic priest who finds them claiming the reward from the Gardner Museum.

Any other attempt to claim the reward money offered by the Gardner museum will be thwarted by Law Enforcement, FBI, Garda, Brit Police etc...

"Memo to those who control the Gardner art, Vermeer and co"

So, as you feel the noose tightening, act quick, allow the Gardner art to surface via a confession box, the Catholic Priest claims the reward, then watch and see authorities try and wriggle out of that one !!!

Any use of Lawyers to try and negotiate the return of the stolen Gardner art will result in the arrest of the Lawyers as well as their clients, as seen in the Da Vinci case.

Art Hostage has warned time and time again:

"Use anyone other than a Catholic Priest at your peril"

If anyone has given proof of life they leave themselves open to being prosecuted and pressured into returning the rest of the stolen art under threat of indictment.

For the last time, you have been warned, the only safe way to hand back the Gardner art is as follows:

"Forgive me father for I have sinned, the stolen Gardner art is beside me here in
the confession box"

"Father please hand back the Gardner Art and claim the reward on my behalf,
deducting a commission for the Catholic church"

Finally, ask yourself these questions:

"Has any of the stolen Gardner art already been recovered ?"

"When, and in what circumstances ?"

"Was the list of stolen artworks accurate or an elaborate falsehood ?"

"What was the occupation of the robbers ?"

"To what extent did Law Enforcement help the thieves and cover up the truth ?"

With the truth about 9/11 about to burst like a dam, a little bit of Government corruption in Boston regarding Whitey Bulger, Gardner Heist seems like just another day at the office for the current administration. To be fair Bulger and Gardner art heist were not on Bush's watch, so let the truth come out.

As a sceptic, I tried to watch Loose change final cut with an open mind.

Please take the time to watch the whole documentary and the Mark Roberts rebuttal, then decide if the Official 9/11 Commission Report is the real conspiracy theory ??

Loose Change Final Cut

The Whole film is linked here, below:

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Just when you thought it safe to question the Government, this video, below, gives food for thought:

The Brit Government has questions to answer, see link below:

Tragedy Alert, How did the Beloved United States of America go from:

Iwo Jima to 9/11

To This !!

Something to consider before supporting Rudy Giuliani for President, see link below:

Mark Roberts Attempts to Debunk Loose Change Final Cut

Mark Roberts research page

In the interests of fairness to both sides of the 9/11 argument I have found this new documentary, below, by Mark Roberts that tries to answer questions raised in Loose Change Final Cut.

Also watch these two debates about 9/11, notice how Mark Roberts looks authentic and the Loose Change guys seem naive. Shame they do not address WTC Building 7.







Upon another, much lighter note, Pragmatic, classic Monty Python, below, thanks Ruthie's Law for the link: