Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, Children Chasing Vermeer !!!

Students at Watertown’s St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School learn about Gardner art heist

WATERTOWN — .There’s been a great deal of excitement in fifth-grade teacher Julia Kramer’s classroom at St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School in Watertown. It started with fifth-grade parent Rosalyn Minassian volunteering to do the weekly current events discussion with the class. Following her art passion, she decided to teach about the unsolved heist at the Gardner Museum in 1990.

To cater to different intelligences and interests, the students used their computer class to listen to the news report while seeing the various artwork stolen from the museum. They wrote down their observations and questions in their detective book. After a lively discussion about the stolen artwork with Minassian, the students then had an opportunity to speak to two investigators of the case, retired Boston Globe journalist Stephen Kurkjian and FBI Special Agent Geoffrey Kelly.

The students’ excitement and quest for knowledge was evident through the hands waiving eagerly in the air. The Gardner Museum’s director of security, Anthony Amore, has even invited the fifth-grade class for a VIP tour of the museum.

“It’s wonderful to see the children so eagerly go in depth on a topic as we provide them with a breadth of opportunities to learn — from computers to art to forensic science to newspaper reporting,” said Houry Boyamian, principal of the school.

— St. Stephen’s Armenian Elementary School

Art Hostage Comments:

What a wonderful story for this Thanksgiving Day 2009.

All too often we can get cynical about the failure to recover the iconic masterpieces cruelly ripped from the walls of the Gardner Museum.

A wonderful gesture by Anthony Amore to offer these brilliant young minds the chance to visit the world famous Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

Thanks must go to FBI Agent Geoff Kelly for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule to offer the next generation an insight into the tragedy of the Gardner Art Heist.

Interesting to note Steve Kurkjian, the award winning journalist in attendance, which leads me to wonder about the book he is bringing out in 2010 regarding the Gardner Art Heist.

Steve Kurkjian has been reporting on the Gardner Art Heist from day one, which should mean his book analysing the Gardner Art Heist will be a must read for all of us obsessed with seeing the Gardner artwork recovered.

Thing is, I cannot find any reference to where the Gardner Art Heist Book by Steve Kurkjian is going to be offered.

Memo to Steve Kurkjian:
"When is your book coming out and where can I buy a copy ??"

Art Hostage would like to extend Thanksgiving greetings to the American people and hope for the recovery of the Gardner art swiftly.
The man from Worcester says the man from Revere can recover the Gardner art !!!!!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Reward and Immunity, Carmen Get it, Been A Long Hawley, That's Amore !!!

It is with great anticipation and hope Art Hostage can announce Carmen Ortiz has been confirmed by the Senate as the next U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. (Alright, a little early)

Art Hostage prays Carmen Ortiz, together with Anne Hawley and Anthony Amore, will be the ones who announce to the world they have recovered the stolen Gardner art, with a little help from their friends.

Carmen Milagros Ortiz
District of Massachusetts
Nominated: September 17, 2009
Committee Questionnaire
Reported By Committee: Oct. 29, 2009
Confirmed By Senate: Nov. 5th 2009
For those not familiar with Carmen Ortiz see her "Questionnaire for Non-Judicial Nominees", below:

Carmen Ortiz will have the crucial say in whether Immunity is granted in the Gardner Art Heist case.

Anthony Amore, Head of Security at the Gardner Museum will have the crucial say in how any reward is paid and what amount of reward is paid, depending on what stolen Gardner Art is recovered.

Above all else, it is these people who hold the keys to the $5 million reward offer and the immunity from prosecution in relation to recovering the Gardner art.

The Ortiz, Hawley and Amore Team Ready for action !!!

Photo Op Number One, Gardner Museum, Ortiz, Hawley and Amore.

The 20th year Commemoration is fast approaching and the prospect of making a recovery has increased to a state of "High Alert"

Art Hostage recommends Carmen Ortiz visit the Gardner Museum and speaks to Anthony Amore and Anne Hawley in a "Getting to know you" manner so a combined message can be released jointly, publicising the renewed vigor and desire to recover the stolen Gardner art in a pragmatic way, that does not involve arrests and sees the reward paid in full to whomever provides the location of the Stolen Gardner art.

In short, which Catholic Church Confession box contains the stolen Gardner art, and once recovered, the reward will be paid in full without any repercussions.

Ted Kennedy and Harold Smith look down from on high and approve of the Ortiz/Hawley and Amore partnership.

If goodwill is the necessary ingredient for recovering the Stolen Gardner art, then Ortiz, Hawley and Amore have the best chance in 20 years, go for it !!!
P.S. Art Hostage is aware of the latest Gardner Heist and Whitey Bulger briefings !!!
Watch this space for significant developments, timing is being worked out as I write.