Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Friday, July 31, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Van Mieris Cavalier on Radar !!!

Cavalier on the radar.

Enquires stemming from Germany about the Cavalier are ongoing and there could be the possibility of the Cavalier being recovered.
Investigations in Sydney, Australia are also ongoing with ties to Europe and America.

However, if anyone is foolish enough to be in the same zip code, let alone the same place as the Cavalier when it is recovered, they will be arrested as soon as the Van Mieris Cavalier sees the light of day.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Painting/Drawing Surfaces, Perhaps !!!

Hotter Than July !!!!
Art Hostage has had some mixed messages from the Underworld regarding the Gardner art recently.

First of all there are reports coming out of Costa Mesa California that a Gardner painting has been found.

Add to that a report from Boston ""La Sortie Du Pelage" by Degas has been found and Art Hostage wonders if the first tentative hand back has occurred ???

Art Hostage thinks the most likely stolen Gardner artwork to be recovered first will be Degas, "Cortege Aux Environs De Florence" which has been floating around for quite a while.

What did Whitey Bulger write on the back of a picture is another question worth knowing the answer.

Rumour has it Whitey Bulger wrote a letter on the back of a stolen Gardner painting to taunt authorities if and when they ever recover the stolen Gardner art.

A Whitey Bulger Gardner Art cocktail is the worst nightmare for authorities and is why any connection is dismissed out of hand, as if to be in a state of "hopeful denial"

However, the Gardner drawings could surface as they are reputed to still be around the Boston area.

The main stolen Gardner artworks are being held Art Hostage until a deal is offered that will tempt those in control to deal.

All previous attempts to make a deal have fallen on deaf ears, despite the public protestation's of some who claim no deal has been put forward.
Incredible news about who has offered their services in the pursuit of Whitey Bulger.
I am sorry but I cannot bring myself to reveal who has offered to help locate Whitey Bulger as I am so shocked and amazed.
Talk about a "Poacher Turned Game-keeper" Wow, is all I can say at this stage !!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art, Vermeer, Dominic McGlinchey the Younger, Catholic Church Confession Box, Silver Bird, Boston !!!!!

Memo to Dominic McGlinchey.
Mr Dominic McGlinchey Junior, please do not, I repeat do not allow yourself to be in the same Town, let alone the same post-code as the Vermeer/Gardner art when any or all are recovered.

Trust me when I tell you the Vermeer and Gardner art are Radio-active and they must, I repeat must be left in a Catholic Church confession box so either the Priest or authorities can recover the Vermeer and Gardner art from the confession box, therefore no-one, I repeat no-one will arrested during the recovery process.

I am sure you will make sure the person claiming the reward can stand up to public and law enforcement scrutiny.

If you trust the Priest to claim the reward then he can use the power of the confessional to keep the identity of the person handing back the Vermeer secret.

The Priest can do this in all sincerity if that person really has had nothing to do with the original Gardner heist and the subsequent handling of the Gardner art.

Mr Dominic McGlinchey Junior, if you allow yourself to be suckered into so much as a peek-a-boo of the Vermeer Gardner art, if they see the light of day for just a moment, all hell will break loose, Police, Garda, and FBI will swoop and everyone within a 10 mile radius will be arrested.

Once again, please, please make sure the Vermeer/Gardner art is discovered in a Catholic Church Confession box.

The symbolism of absolution will cleanse the Vermeer/Gardner art and will also prevent anyone being arrested during the recovery process.

God speed !!

Here endeth the lesson by Art Hostage.


Back-story: Why Dominic McGlinchey Junior is in the Frame for the Vermeer and Gardner art

Man shot by RIRA reveals Donaldson killers

Liam McGinley has agreed to testify against dissidents who abducted and shot him, and named the killers of spy

A Donegal man who was abducted and shot by dissident republicans has offered to testify in court against members of the Real IRA (RIRA) in the northwest.

In what security sources regard as an intelligence coup against dissident republicans, Liam McGinley, a father of six from Letterkenny, has also revealed the identities of the RIRA gunmen who murdered Denis Donaldson, the former Sinn Fein strategist who was shot dead at a remote cottage in Donegal in April 2006 after admitting he was a British spy.

McGinley is under garda protection, although it is not clear whether he has been formally admitted to the force’s witness-protection programme. A file that includes statements he made to gardai outlining his knowledge of the RIRA, and naming the paramilitaries who shot him, is being studied by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

McGinley agreed to co-operate after he was abducted, shot in the abdomen and dumped on a dirt track in the Derryveagh mountains in Donegal in November 2007.

He survived the attack and made his way to a nearby house whose occupants rushed him to Letterkenny general hospital. He was transferred to the Mater in Dublin where he agreed to co-operate with gardai in return for protection.

Security sources claim his decision to turn state’s evidence marks a breakthrough in the fight against republican terrorism in the northwest, a stronghold of the RIRA.

Although McGinley was never a member of the organisation, he had extensive contacts with the group’s membership in Donegal and Londonderry. Among them were senior terrorists suspected by gardai of organising attacks on the British security forces.

Garda sources emphasised last week that McGinley’s evidence was unlikely to lead to Donaldson’s killers being charged soon, but the force is confident of pressing some charges against three suspects involved in his shooting.

“He wasn’t present when Donaldson was murdered but has identified the killers and disclosed certain information on what happened to the weapon used in the killing,” said a source close to the inquiry.

Donaldson was murdered at a remote holiday home in Glenties. He was shot four times by an assailant armed with a shotgun. The first two shots were fired through the front door of his cottage as he attempted to bolt it or barricade himself inside. Once inside, his killers fired two more cartridges, killing him.

Members of the Provisional IRA were initially blamed for the murder but McGinley claims it was carried out by members of the RIRA from Londonderry. The organisation recently admitted it.

Originally from Scotland, McGinley grew up in Falcarragh but was not known to gardai as a serious criminal or a republican sympathiser. He was known in Letterkenny as a troublemaker who often appeared in court charged with public-order offences. In one incident, he was accused of threatening an undercover member of the garda drugs squad after being stopped and searched in Letterkenny.

RIRA, which murdered 29 people and unborn twins when it bombed Omagh in August 1998, has been repeatedly infiltrated by spies and informants since its formation in 1997. Paddy Dixon, a Dublin car thief who supplied stolen cars to RIRA in the months before Omagh, helped the gardai to intercept a series of bombs. He joined the state’s witness-protection scheme after his identity was accidentally revealed.

MI5 and the FBI also ran Dave Rupert, an agent recruited in America to infiltrate the RIRA. He appeared as a witness against Michael McKevitt, the founder of the terrorist group, helping to convict him on charges of directing terrorism.

General John de Chastelain, the head of the decommissioning body, will announce this week that Northern Ireland’s main loyalist paramilitaries have begun to decommission their weapons.

The groups involved are aiming to complete the process later this year. When they do, de Chastelain will give the British and Irish governments a full inventory of all decommissioned weapons, both loyalist and republican.

Loyalists’ plans to announce the move at a joint press conference were upset last week when reports leaked out that decommissioning had begun. The Ulster Volunteer Force and Red Hand Commando decommissioned the bulk of their joint arsenal two weeks ago.

Art Hostage Comments:

Charlie Hill, the art loss investigator recruited Liam McGinley and a man called Sheridan to try to smoke out the Vermeer and Gardner art back in 2007.

Liam McGinley reported back to Charlie Hill that Dominic McGlinchey Junior was holding the Vermeer/Gardner art having been given it by Whitey Bulger as a thank you for giving Whitey Bulger shelter whilst he was on the Lam.

Liam McGinley was exposed in 2007 and shot.

Now Liam McGinley has implicated Dominic McGlinchey junior again, amongst other people and pressure is being applied for Dominic McGlinchey to produce the Vermeer/Gardner art.

Art Hostage to the rescue, please just leave the Vermeer/Gardner art in a Catholic Church Confession box to be recovered by either a priest or authorities.

Now you can see why Art Hostage has been focusing on the Catholic Church confession box route, a neutral place because it's the art that matters.