Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art in Play, Catholic Confession Box Discovery Imminent !!

Art Hostage has had it confirmed by a confidential source that two or three of the stolen Gardner paintings are in play and the subject of negotiation's.

Instead of acting, as in the past, like the Grand Old Duke of York, whereby negotiation's break down, Art Hostage is taking charge, right here, right now !!!!
(1) The main priority of this is the safety of all concerned.
(2) The recovery should only be conducted in a Discovery fashion, not a Handover, as these always end in arrests and possible damage to the artworks.

(3) Place where the Gardner paintings can be discovered that leaves no trace, no CCTV,

Catholic Church confession box. Plenty to choose from around Boston and the Burbs.

(4) Payment of reward.

Now this is something that has to be worked out by those who have these two or three Gardner paintings and Anthony Amore, Boston 6172785114.

(5) Art Hostage assures those with these Gardner paintings that if they place them in a Catholic Church Confession box and allow them to be discovered, there is no possibility of arrest in possession of stolen Gardner art.

Finally, yes getting paid the reward is difficult but I am sure it can be worked out with Anthony Amore.


If we are talking the Rembrandt Storm on the Sea of Galilee, please treat it with care, and if you look on the back you will notice the old repair, curved, shaped like a capital L, the protective wax and varnish should have stopped it getting damaged, but this painting really needs to be in the restorers workshop, as does the other Rembrandt, A Lady and Gentleman in Black, as you will see if you are in possession.

Update, Update:

It sometimes takes serious illness to realise the magnitude of ones power and the power to influence people.

"nanos gigantum humeris insidentes"

"Sir, you stand on the shoulders of Giants"

Art Hostage has the task of safe recovery without arrests.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Vermeer, Gardner Art in Ireland Missed by hours, June 18th 2007 !!

After consulting with those in the know within the Underworld, Art Hostage has further news on the Gardner Art Heist investigation.

First a little history lesson.

In 2002 Anne Hawley, Director of the Gardner Museum, was in London and met with Mark Dalrymple, of Tyler and Co, Art Loss Adjusters.

At that meeting Mark Dalrymple offered to recover the stolen Gardner art on two conditions:

(1) All media reports about the Gardner Art Heist were to be stopped for a period of two years.

(2)Once recovered, the Gardner art reward of $5 million would be payable to Mark Dalrymple, owner of Tyler and Co the Art Loss Adjusters.

Anne Hawley, Director of the Gardner Museum could not offer any conditions, especially about payment of the reward. Mark Dalrymple came to the conclusion the reward offer was bogus.

Furthermore, Anne Hawley also met with Dick Ellis ex-head of Scotland Yards Art and Antiques Squad whilst in London 2002 and Dick Ellis also offered to help locate the stolen Gardner art if the $5 million reward could be made available post recovery.

Again Anne Hawley declined the offer and Dick Ellis came to the same conclusion as Mark Dalrymple, the reward offer was bogus.

It has to be remembered that both Mark Dalrymple and Dick Ellis are on the side of law enforcement thus payment of the $5 million reward would be lawful.

Moving on to the fall of 2006, Anthony Amore is the Gardner Museum Head of security and point man.

An Underworld informant gets information the stolen Vermeer/some Gardner art is being held in Galway Ireland. The FBI mount a sting operation and head for Galway. Those with the stolen Vermeer see right through this sting and it is only after a warning was given that the FBI called off the sting as there would have been a gun battle and the loss of the Undercover FBI Agent.

The FBI headed back to America with their tails between their legs having failed again to sting the people with the stolen Vermeer /some Gardner art.

However, not to be deterred, the FBI mounted another sting in 2007 when they learnt from ***** that the stolen Vermeer/ some Gardner art has been retrieved from the people who were holding it as collateral as that debt was paid in full.

Now, a deal was offered whereby the Vermeer and co would surface and a nominee would come forward to collect the reward.
That deal was rejected by Irish Police and the FBI so on the 18th June 2007 Irish Police raided two addresses in County Waterford (1) John O’Donoghue (aged 27) of Clonard Park, Ballybeg, Co Waterford (2) James Butler (aged 55) of Ardmore Park, Ballybeg, expecting to find the stolen Vermeer and co.

Apparently the Irish Police, with the FBI bringing up the rear, missed the Vermeer/ some Gardner art by hours, as it was again used as collateral for drug deals and moved just before the raid. However, a number of these drug deals have been intercepted with the help of a top informant so as to try and squeeze the Underworld into making a mistake allowing the stolen Vermeer/some Gardner art to be recovered.

Subsequently, there was another attempt to return the stolen Gardner art via a Catholic Church Confession box, with the Catholic Priest claiming the reward late 2007, early 2008.

Again the Irish Police and FBI rejected this out of hand, not offering anything in return, the stand off continues.

The latest spin being offered to those with the Gardner art is they better be careful as both Irish Police and the FBI are closing in and it would be better to just hand back the stolen art than get caught with it.

To sum up, Anthony Amore is a stand up guy, a real gentleman, who would dearly love to pay the reward, however, there is not a chance in Hell authorities will allow this to happen and if Anthony Amore did go out on his own and recover the stolen Gardner art and pay the reward he would find himself facing serious criminal charges.

"If you strike us, imprison, or kill us, out of our prisons or graves, we will evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you!
We defy you! Do your worst!"
(James Connolly)

With quotes like the above, no wonder the Irish Police and FBI always seem one step behind in recovering the stolen Vermeer/some Gardner art. These guys are the real deal, true masters of disaster, kings of sting, whose belief in their Irish Republican aspirations far outweigh any poultry reward offered.
Art Hostage has tried to offer an avenue for the Gardner art to surface, Catholic Church confession box, it is the Irish Police and FBI who refuse to accept this middle way.
I will give further details of who, where, and when later.

Boy, is this to be continued..........

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Turners Sting, in a Long Tail, Indictments Prevail !!

Prozessauftakt im Frankfurter Kunstraub von 1994

Before the Frankfurt district court must have been today two suspected handlers responsibility. They should in 1994 from the Frankfurt Museum Schirn Leihwerke stolen by William Turner and Caspar David Friedrich's original museums offered for sale.

Nearly 14 years after the spectacular art robbery in Frankfurt's Schirn museum since Wednesday, two alleged handlers in court.

The public prosecutor accused the 60-year-old Joseph S. and the 64-year-old K. Hartmut to launch the process before the District Court of Frankfurt am Main blackmail. They are two of the three stolen pictures of the Tate Gallery in London to buy back and offered five million euro ransom.
Stolen were on the night of 28 July 1994 two works by William Turner with the titles "Shade and Darkness (shadow and darkness)" and "Light and Colour (light and color), which is regarded as loans from the Tate Gallery in the Frankfurt exhibition" Goethe and Art "came , And "fog" by Caspar David Friedrich - this image contributed Hamburger Kunsthalle. The three images had an insured value of a total of 35 million euros.

Four offenders had the alarm system was turned off and then on the freight elevator in the Kunsthalle reached. They overwhelmed a guard, tied him and took him the keys. The three images transported in a small truck.

One of the perpetrators concerted according to the indictment car dealer Joseph S., that he should keep the stolen property. But this had a garage in Frankfurt-Bornheim rented. First sales failed attempts in 1995.

Advocate sued Kunsthalle

In February 1999 the court sentenced two robbers Frankfurt handlers and a. A 31-year-old courier driver received a prison sentence of eleven years and a 29-year-old fruit seller eight years in prison A 33-year-old driver was sentenced to two and a half years for favouring convicted. He had a covert police investigators of the two Turner images for ten million U.S. dollars offered for sale. The perpetrators had their backers not betrayed, and the images were initially disappeared.

Only in the years 2000 and 2002 appeared masterpieces by Turner again. The Frankfurt lawyer Edgar Liebrucks acted as middle-men. The Tate Gallery for the pictures to be five million euros have paid, the lawyer received 320,000 euros commission. In July 2000, "Shade and Darkness" back to London, in December 2002 "Light and Colour".

In January 2003, the Hamburger Kunsthalle the painting "fog" for 1.5 million euro ransom and 250,000 placement fee. Attorney Liebrucks paid the vendors' own figures, 250,000 euros for the picture and gave it in August 2003 to the Hamburger Kunsthalle, which it with the replacement task. Liebrucks sued the Kunsthalle later successfully agreed on payment of 250,000 euros.

According to the indictment had alleged handlers for their business off to Brazil. There they were arrested in February 2007. Josef was on 11 p. October 2007 delivered to Germany, Hartmut K., 23 January this year.

Art Hostage comments:


Follow up:

Sorry for the lack of good grammar but the article above is a direct translation from German.

The story is the two men responsible for returning the Turners have now, after six years, been charged for the offence of blackmail.

This should be a warning to those who seek to return stolen art for reward monies alone.

Previously this Turner case was held up as an example of how stolen art can be ransomed back to the insurers or victims.

Millions of euros was paid and everyone thought the bad guys had won.

However, as with all stolen art that is returned without Police co-operation and involvement, there is always a sting in the tail, be it after one year, or as with this case, six years.

Upon another note, I do wonder if others involved in the Turner recovery may be indicted, or at the very least exposed for their criminal actions ??

The lawyer who facilitated the return of the Turners, Edgar Liebrucks, successfully sued in court last year for the payment of 250,000 euros and seems to have escaped any indictments, at this stage.

Moral of this story is whenever stolen art is returned there will always be a sting in the tail, however long it takes after the initial recovery.

So, anyone negotiating the return of stolen art beware, it's a
"Sting, sting, sting, you morons !!"

When in doubt, leave it out, walk away and live to fight another day.