Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Heist Some Truth Emerges, Slowly !!!

Break In 1990 Gardner Museum Heist?
$500M In Art Stolen From Boston Museum

BOSTON -- An inmate at MCI Norfolk said he knows the whereabouts of about $500 million in art stolen almost 20 years ago from a Boston museum.

The March 18, 1990, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist is the largest art theft in modern history. Inside the museum, empty spaces where the 13 missing masterpieces once hung are constant reminders that the crime remains unsolved.

Robert Beauchamp said one of the suspects in the case, George Reissfelder, told him that the pieces were stashed in the walls of a "safe house" in Maine

Beauchamp said Reissfelder and two other people stole the art with the plan of negotiating its return for a lesser sentence for an unrelated crime and stored it in a Maine home. The homeowner and Reissfelder both died before the art could be retrieved, Beauchamp said.

Beauchamp and his attorney, Alec Sohmer, have been working with the FBI and the museum to locate the safe house.

The U.S. attorney said in 2005 that they may be willing to grant immunity from prosecution to anyone returning the masterpieces. The thieves themselves can never be prosecuted because the statute of limitations on their crime ran out years ago.

As a result of the Gardner heist, the statute of limitations on museum theft was extended in this country from five years to 20 years.

Art Hostage comments:

The truth is some of the Gardner paintings did end up in a house in Maine.

That house belonged to Joe Murray and after his murder the paintings were thought to have been retrieved by proxies of Whitey Bulger and some made their way to Ireland.

The Irish connection to the actual Gardner Heist is one of the robbers was of Irish decent, "Mate" and affiliated to the Irish Republican cause. The deep idealogical friendship between Joe Murray and senior figures within the Irish Republican military wings caused Joe Murray to try and bargain the Gardner art for Irish Republican political concessions, the door was slammed shut on this and so the Gardner art began its exile.

Blimey, can you imagine, the Gardner paintings are still in the walls of Joe Murray's Maine home and the FBI have not been up there to look.

That's it, Art Hostage declares the FBI should go straight to the house in Maine that once belonged to Joe Murray and scan all the walls. If they do not find any Gardner paintings then they may find traces of the Gardner paintings ???

However, I always thought some Gardner paintings were only stored at Joe Murray's Maine home and not hidden in the walls.
To be continued.............................

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, Whitey Bulger, Wise Guys, Key, Anthony Amore !! Update !!!

You wait along time for a bus to come along and then three come along at once.

Now, the stolen Gardner paintings etc.

Right, please play nice and lets see some of the stolen Gardner artworks returned.

First of all, to those with control of the Gardner art. Under no circumstances do you give proof of life, why, well if you do, you demonstrate control and this can be used against you at a later date.

Second, when you are happy to return the Gardner art and feel the deal offered is the right one you do so by giving Anthony Amore a location of where he can go fetch and collect the stolen Gardner art. Art Hostage is willing to pass this location to Anthony Amore if you feel it is safer and provides you with an extra firewall.

Remember Art Hostage said a Catholic Church confession box would be ideal as it offers symbolism of absolution as well as it will protect the identity of the person handing back the stolen Gardner art.

However, if the Gardner art is still in the farm building it may be better to just give Anthony Amore the location and he will head down Worcester way and collect the stolen Gardner drawings or whatever is still there.

By doing this there will not be any arrests at the actual recovery of the stolen Gardner art.

Subsequent to Anthony Amore recovering the Gardner art and once they have been authenticated payment can commence.

Now, when I say payment it means cash and or either reward of another nature, like time taken from and existing prison sentence, or leniency on existing indictments and further indictments.

Art Hostage can assure you Anthony Amore has the ear of the Boston DA as well as quite a bit of leverage at the FBI, not least Geoff Kelly and also Warren Banford. Bob Mueller, being a former Boston DA, I am sure will take a pragmatic view if it means some of the stolen Gardner art can be returned, but then again you know all of this already !!!

Now, I will address your concerns about exactly how much reward is available for each stolen Gardner artwork.

Art Hostage will personally speak to Anthony Amore with view to getting a price list for the return of each stolen Gardner artwork, a break down of how the $5 million reward would be paid.

The tariff will be published in due course on this blog for you consideration.

Furthermore, and this is really important, as regards getting time off current prison sentences or reducing an indictment or reduction of further indictments, Art Hostage will be honest and transparent.

Anthony Amore does have personal contact with those in power to make these kind of deals and I am certain if asked, authorities would be positive to reaching a deal. Art Hostage cannot make any kind of offers in this respect and I urge you to discuss this with your lawyers and Anthony Amore, who will in turn move mountains to reach a deal.

For any clarification on any points you know Art Hostage is here and willing to help.

Moving on to Whitey Bulger, now old Bernard Ternus, remember him, the guy caught up in the Wittman Web for trying to sell the stolen paintings taken in an armed raid in the South of France, well he is serving jail time in Florida and is trying to help recover some stolen high value jewels including the huge Topaz stolen last fall
Back story below:

Bernard Ternus has indicated he may be able to offer help in locating Whitey Bulger, who may be living in France, down South where it is warmer. Feelers have gone out in the French Underworld and there may be some news shortly.

Also, remember Joe Pistone, the real life Donnie Brassco, well he has been trying to get John Zip Connolly to help with the hunt for Whitey Bulger and also help in recovering the stolen Gardner art. All this time Zip has had an ace up his sleeve and has told Joe Pistone he will help once he wins his appeal, which Zip thinks is a forgone conclusion.
Back story below:

David Turner is awaiting the publication of "The Gardner Heist" by Ulrich Boser to have his fifteen minutes of fame.

David, remember A-Rod admitted taking drugs because it was in 2003 and the statute of limitations had passed ?
so, milk it for what it is worth !!!
Back story below:
Back to the Gardner Heist in a moment, time for an English tea break.

A little English tale about Lord and Lady Fairhaven, who were robbed of some historic Silver Horse Racing trophies. Apparently they may have surfaced in New York, either been recovered or are being offered for sale. Let you know more as it comes in.
Back story below:
Remember Elisabeth Gibson, who said she found a valuable stolen painting in a dumpster in New York, then the painting was sold for a million bucks and Elisabeth Gibson got a reward.
Back-story below:
Well James Wynne the FBI Agent has been doggedly working behind the scenes and may be ready to proceed with criminal charges against Elisabeth Gibson.

Tea break over back to the Gardner Heist.

Art Hostage has more to offer but it is important to post this as soon as possible.
Art Hostage does find this a little hard to believe but as ever, here goes.
Apparently Whitey Bulger slipped back into the United States of America via the Caribbean recently and is now holed up on a farm in Worcester Massachusetts's.
Whitey Bulger is willing to hand himself in but wants to make sure the $2 million reward gets paid to someone close.
Would it be too blatant for William Bulger to claim he received a call from Whitey Bulger recently and convinced Whitey to hand himself in ???
Would the public in Boston stand for William Bulger claiming the $2 million reward ????
Oh, word is Whitey Bulger is dying, but this could be the same illness Whitey Bulger has been dying of for the last 20 years !!!
Still, wouldn't it be a turn up for the books if Whitey Bulger is holed up in Worcester Massachusetts's, even better if he has some of the Gardner art.
more to follow...............................

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist Breaking News !!!!

Breaking News

Art Hostage has learnt that some of the stolen Gardner Art is located in a Farm building in Worcester Massachusetts.

Apparently, shortly after the 1990 Gardner Heist the stolen art was laid down in a farm building in Worcester Massachusetts.

The haul was then split with some being moved and the rest remaining in the Worcester Massachusetts farm building until recently when it has been recovered, or is about to be recovered.

Art Hostage has been told the public announcement may come around the 17th March,
19 year anniversary of the infamous Gardner Heist.

However, as usual, Art Hostage may have jumped the gun and authorities may be closing in on the Worcester Massachusetts farm building, but have yet to recover the stolen art.

By the way, I am told it is not the Vermeer or Rembrandt, just some of the drawings stolen from the Gardner Museum.

Lets hope this is not yet another False Dawn !!

In the meantime for anyone who may have inside information on the whereabouts of the stolen Gardner Art please contact

Anthony Amore, Director of Security, Isabella Stewart Gardner
Museum, Boston, 617 278 5114 work,