Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist 2011, Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More !!

Art Hostage has been consulted about returning the stolen Gardner art.

This from an impeccable source with a proven track record .

Let's get this straight, right from the get-go.

Art Hostage wants no part of any reward money offered and declares himself out of any reward money offered by the Gardner Museum.

Art Hostage will leave others to fight for, argue over, any reward money offered.

The sole purpose of this intervention by Art Hostage is to see the stolen Gardner art surface.

By bringing certain parties together, Art Hostage hopes to mediate a settlement whereby the Gardner art emerges from a Catholic Church Confession box.

Art Hostage will give analysis of the current immunity offer and current reward offer

Art Hostage is not out to scupper any current operations, or set up anyone who may help locate the stolen Gardner art.

Art Hostage declares once again that any reward money offered is not wanted by Art Hostage, not one dime, one cent or one dollar of any reward money offered by the Gardner Museum for the recovery of the stolen Gardner art, whether in good condition or not.

No matter what the condition of the stolen Gardner art, Art Hostage just wants the stolen Gardner art returned and restored to its former glory, hanging on the walls of the Gardner Museum Boston.

Art Hostage will however, post the first exclusive story about the Gardner art recovery and post about the negotiations along the way.

It will be a roller coaster ride but be safe in the knowledge Art Hostage wants no part of any reward money offered.

to be continued.........................

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, Twenty-One Years On, 2011

Return of the Art, Hostage that is, to report on the Gardner Art Heist 2011.

What's new ?

Any movement on the immunity offer ?

Any further news on the Gardner Museum Reward offer ?

Any progress on locating the elusive Gardner art ?

Any actual recoveries of Gardner art, h'mm, shh !!

All will be revealed this coming St Patrick's Day, Friday 18th March 2011.

Upon another note, from a while ago, news that Catherine Grieg has handed herself in to authorites or had been captured was floating around and the net was closing in on Whitey Bulger, who is reported to have already died, hence why Catherine Greig has surfaced.