Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

IRA Thomas Slab Murphy, Stolen Vermeer, The Final Chapter!

Nice to see Bobby Storey being given a new political role.

Hope it comes with a car, salary, and access to the latest intelligence gathering devices.

At last, Bobby Storey is being reconised as an equal to his old aversary Brigadier Gordon Kerr.

Who knows, when Sinn Fein get into power in Dublin, Bobby Storey can use his expertise from an official govt position to engage in the global war against islamic terror.

Next on the agenda is the no small matter of Thomas Slab Murphy.

I am sure there is an elder statesman role for Mr Murphy, and I am certain that the tax demand for 5.4 million euros is negotiable, perhaps the same amount being spent on turning Home Place into an education centre, somewhat like the “Churchill War Rooms” given that Home Place was the epicentre of the Irish Republican movement, the bedrock on which modern Irish Republicanism was built.

No doubt about it, when the Irish Republican movement was on its knees, taking a nine count, Tom Slab Murphy and the South Armagh brigade gave life to what was then a dying aspiration.

I wonder, if the stolen oil painting “The Concert” by Johannes Vermeer, taken from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston on St Patricks day 1990, and currently located, or controlled, from South Armagh, is allowed to surface and be returned to Boston, the 5.4 million euro demand will be withdrawn, and the
$5 million reward will engage at the same time, a peacful reflective retirement to follow.

A honourable request, granted!

Food for thought.

As the South Antrim Brigade of the UDA is asking for 8.5 million euros to stay on the peaceful, lawful path, hope they get paid, the small request of Thomas Slab Murphy being allowed to retire gracefully, assets intact, prevents the accusations of "nailing Slab to pay Frankie"
and allows the stolen Vermeer to be returned home to Boston.

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