Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Line Up is Complete, its the Billionaires Club !!

Art Hostage has learnt that Prince Waleed Al-Waleed bin Talal currently has control of some of the Gardner art?

How on earth he came to be in the possession of some of the Gardner Art is something worth investigating.

I wonder if the Gardner Art Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has is to be bartered for a Green Card, should the need arise?

Word is he is playing a long game and using the Gardner art as a get out of jail free card when Armageddon arrives.
However, the art could still be in the United States waiting the go-ahead to hand back to the Gardner Museum when orders to do so are given.
The whole Gardner Theft will know doubt cause a public scandal when the truth about the inside knowledge comes out.
What is needed is some good old fashioned Government sponsored Nepotism, just this once, an earmark/Pork that really benefits the art-loving American public.
In these dark days of extreme accusations levelled at both the British and American governments, I am sure the public will be able to accept a dose of political nepotism that See's the stolen Gardner Art return to Boston.
The World may be holding its breath for a recovery, quietly will do, just a call to Anthony Amore on Boston 617 278 5114 to tell him which Confession box contains the Gardner art, he will recover it quietly, no fuss, the giver gets his political chip to the Big Table, for a brief moment, the world is just told the Gardner art has been recovered no more details, other than taking down the big Yellow Ribbon draped around the Gardner Museum to depict the sad loss of its precious art, the empty frames is haunting and the stolen pictures need the symbolism of absolution.
The nightmare continues.......................................

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