Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gardner Art Heist, They Are Finally Coming Home, Vermeer and co on Silver Bird to Boston !!

Ted Kennedy to attend Stormont

The dashing US senator, Ted Kennedy, lifelong friend and admirer of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, will be part of a delegation present in Northern Ireland on Tuesday for the opening of the new government.

The Massachusetts representative will join US special envoy, Paula Dobriansky, for the visit to the devolved Assembly at Stormont, near Belfast.

Senator Kennedy has been a staunch supporter of the peace process, which has resulted in the Rev Ian Paisley`s Democratic Unionists agreeing to share power with Sinn Fein.

Senator Kennedy said: "I am honoured that President Bush has invited me to participate in the US delegation to Northern Ireland for the historic opening of the new government.

"A new day has dawned for the people of Northern Ireland.

"Northern Ireland has shown the world that peace is possible even in the face of tragic history and it offers hope for peaceful reconciliation in other troubled areas of the world."

British and Irish premiers Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern will be among VIPs at Tuesday`s ceremony inaugurating the new administration.

Ministers in the ten departments will be officially unveiled during the first session of the fully functioning assembly.

Democrat Senator Kennedy has been prominent in the Irish-American lobby within congress.

He is the founder of the Congressional Friends Of Ireland group and is part of the Kennedy dynasty which has dominated Irish-American politics for decades.

Art Hostage comments:

During the festivities, when the realisation of power sharing as well as a good vintage wine, has intoxicated Senior Irish Republicans, Senator Kennedy will strike,

Senator Kennedy will ask for the stolen art from the Gardner Museum to be given back via the Irish Republican movement, without any blame attributed to the Irish Republican movement.

Such will be the affect of this request within the haze of celebration, before Senator Kennedy returns to the United States, the Vermeer and co will surface via a confession box, symbolism of absolution, and Senator Kennedy will return to Boston with the Vermeer as a dividend of absolute peace and democracy in the Northern part of Ireland.

The dividend of five years lobbying for Senator Kennedy's intersession will bear fruit.

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