Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art For Lighter Sentence ??

Armagh men held in joint op

Two men from Armagh were being questioned about a £350,000 drugs seizure in Co Donegal.

They were detained in Falcarragh in an operation involving police on both sides of the border.

Garda confirmed that 50kg (110lb) of herbal cannabis with an estimated street value of 500,000 euros (nearly £350,000) was recovered in the village`s main street on Monday afternoon.

The two men, aged 47 and 25, were taken into custody for questioning at Letterkenny.

A house in the Ballyness area of Falcarragh, as well as a house in Armagh, were also searched as part of a follow-up operation which also involved Customs officers.

It is believed the drugs came in from Amsterdam through Dublin Airport.

They are thought to have been transported in a container of computer parts.

Art Hostage comments:

It is interesting to note that those who claim to have access to the stolen Vermeer etc from the Gardner Museum in Boston, Mr Sheridan and Mr McGinley, who Charlie Hill has been courting, are connected to this drug bust.

Interesting Charlie Hill has been in Spain negotiating with ex-pat Irish godfathers about the Gardner Art and then this drug route is exposed.

Pursuing stolen art is one thing, drug busting is certainly more dangerous and something that should be avoided if at all possible.

Interesting to note the solicitors acting are:

Sheridan & Co

Main Street, Lr Letterkenny



Mcginley & Co

74 Upper Main Street, Letterkenny



Interesting to note that the arrested men are from Armagh, stronghold of the South Armagh IRA Brigade, historically lead by by General Thomas Slab Murphy.

With all of this double-dealing going on I hope the Gardner Art will not be damaged during the sting operation.

Why can't authorities offer a lighter sentence for the recovery of the Gardner Art?

At least then the Gardner Art can surface via a confession box, undamaged and not used as a bargaining chip to trap criminals.

It is about time the Gardner art is plucked from the clutches of the underworld before sting operations drive it deeper and out of sight for another decade or so.

Actions speak louder than words, make the deal before it is too late.

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