Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Friday, September 14, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Jimmy Woulfe Playing Catch Up, Join the Dots For Gardner Art !!

14 September 2007

Bulgarian rifle range price war attracting Irish criminal gangs

By Jimmy Woulfe, Mid-West Correspondent

A SALES war among a proliferation of rifle ranges in Bulgaria is attracting increasing numbers of Irish criminal gangs for target practice, as reported in yesterday’s Irish Examiner.

Six members of a notorious Limerick gang which travelled to the Bulgarian city of Varna were robbed of all their money when they were held at gun point by members of the Bulgarian mafia.

The McCarthy-Dundon gang members were targeted after they produced wads of US dollars when they went to target practice at one of the many firing ranges near the city.

Out partying later that night they were held up and forced to hand over all their cash, watches and mobile phones.

A price war has broken out on the internet among a myriad of firing ranges in Bulgaria making the country a popular destination for Irish gangs wishing to sharpen up their shooting skills while taking in the delights offered by Varna, which is Bulgaria’s main Black Sea resort.

For as little as $15 (€11) a person can fire off up to 100 rounds from a variety of weaponry. Guns on offer for practice include Maverick pump-action 12-calibre shotguns, Taurus handguns and 357 Magnums.

Previously, Limerick gang members preferred to travel to Florida for gun practice sessions. They travelled as tourists on the pretext of visiting Disney World.

Low-cost weekly flights from Shannon to Burgas have made Bulgaria the number one destination for Limerick gang members who want to go to sun destinations on working holidays. Burgas is only 30 minutes drive from Varna.

The bad experience of members of the McCarthy-Dundon gang has caused concern in Limerick gang circles.

Varna is a major centre for the Bulgarian mafia who have forged strong links with the deadly Russian mafia.

Mostly made up of former security force members, they control all serious crime in Varna, a big part of which involves the theft of valuable cars for export.

Art Hostage comments:

H,mm, who do we know has allot of property interests in Burgas, Bulgaria, click links below to join the dots:??

Anti-social behaviour stems profits and is not tolerated by Irish and Bulgarian/Russian Godfathers alike, be it General Thomas Slab Murphy, Semion Mogilevich or General Lyuben Gocev, Ivan "The Doctor" Todorov and Vasil "The Scull" Bozhkov

Jimmy Woulfe dearly wants to report the Art Hostage story but is hampered by his burden of office.

Now back to the stolen Gardner art, Vermeer and co please !!

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