Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Willie Gallagher is Innocent, Art Hostage is Guilty of a Blatant Lie !!

Art Hostage would like to offer sincere apologies to Mr Willie Gallagher for the bloody blatant lies I posted on previous stories about INLA infiltration by Brig Gordon "Wayne" Kerr and his murderous gang.

I want to state here and now, after checking with independent Irish Republicans, that Mr Willie Gallagher may be many things, but a Tout, never, never, never.

Whether you are an Irish Republican or not, all must agree Mr Willie Gallagher has worn his Irish Republicanism, like his heart, on his sleeve.

The confusion came about as a result of Art Hostage being told John Hogan and Willie Gallagher had been exposed as Touts, rather then the real truth.

The truth is John Hogan was exposed as a Tout and was being questioned by Mr Willie Gallagher about his role as a Brit Informant.

It must be said that the INLA/IRSP have shown a maturity by allowing John Hogan to leave Ireland and Mr Willie Gallagher must take some credit for this, see story below:

Once again, for the record, Mr Willie Gallagher, has not, will not and will never be a tout, it is cast in stone.

Art Hostage got this completely wrong and would like to extend a complete and full apology for any confusion caused.

I do hope that my retraction and admission of making false allegations against a true Irish Republican, Mr Willie Gallagher, are accepted.

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