Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, March 31, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Want the Gardner Art, Carmen Get it !!

Carman Thyssen Bornemisza In Her Own Words !!

I owe my passion for collecting to my late husband, Baron Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza. As a child, I was in touch with the world of art thanks to my father’s interest in painting, which he himself practised in his spare time. I remember the smell of oil paint in his studio, as well as the frequent visits to the museums with my mother. Maybe it was my desire to understand the thoughts and the feelings of painters when they stand in front of a canvas that induced me to look for that wonderful sensation felt when one paints. Often my brother Guillermo and I used to paint together.

But it was not until I met Heini that I understood what it meant to be an art collector. I still keep in my memory the first time I saw with him the art collection in Villa Favorita, and the years we spent visiting museums, art galleries and artists’ studios, as well as the temporary exhibitions of works from our Collection, lent to different countries throughout the world.

In the 18th century, the travellers that visited Venice would take back with them vedute of the city of canals, admired for their beauty. This capacity of art to take us to other places and other times through the artist’s eyes has always fascinated me. This may be the reason why views and landscapes have a very relevant place in my collection. I believe painting is, above all, a way of carrying us to another reality. Since I began to acquire works of art, I have always felt that art should not be kept for oneself, but rather that it must be shared, and this is what I have tried to transmit to my son Borja. For this reason I wish to express my gratitude to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and to Spain.

Art Hostage comments:

Any chance Carmen ("Get it") can transmit the Gardner art back home to Boston, given her desire to share iconic art with the world ???

It will probably cost a few bucks, then whats a few million to a billionaire/ess ??

Another Gardner Heist theory is one of the paintings being moved out of Halifax, Nova Scotia to Genoa,Italy, then being collected by non-other than the late Baron Heini Thyssen for his stolen art collection, displayed in the Swiss villa.

When Heini died in 2002, Carmen (Get it) decided to dispose of the stolen Gardner art so as not to Blacken Heini's name further. Also the dispute with Heini's children over his Will left Carmen (Get it) exposed to being in possession of stolen iconic artworks.

So, Carmen (Get it) offloads the Gardner pieces to Jean Marie Messier, Irish Billionaire John Magnier and Irish Billionaire JP McManus.

Now, the IRA and the INLA get a whiff and conformation that John Magnier and JP McManus have the Vermeer and declare an interest.

Having denied to both the IRA and the INLA they have possession of the Vermeer, John Magnier and JP McManus find themselves in a Catch 22, if the hand the Vermeer back, via a confession Box and try and claim the reward via a friendly Priest, the IRA and INLA will be back for the original tribute and more, including penalties for denial. If these two Irish Billionaires retain the Vermeer they risk being exposed and all that will go with that dishonourable title.

You see the common denominator between most theories centre around an Irish Republican connection.

Let hope the common denominator of recovery is the Catholic Church Confession Box !!

Art Hostage says, fuck it, go for it, just give back the Vermeer and be done with it, Danegeld or no Danegeld.

High Value Stolen Art is nothing but "Headache Art" for all those who come into contact with it.
O'h, and don't forget, Dr No's, they don't exist !!!

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