Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Stolen Dutch Masterpieces Recovered, Arrests, The Lawyers of Course !!

Lawyer Arthur van der Biezen Arrested for Art Thief

The Dutch authorities have solved a major art robbery at the Frans Hals Museum in the town of Haarlem. Five masterpieces, including Jan Steen’s The Quack, were stolen from the museum six years ago.

Police seized the paintings in a raid on a house in the southern city of Den Bosch at the weekend. Three suspects were arrested and several cars and motorcycles were impounded.

Leading lawyer Arthur van der Biezen was reportedly involved in the robbery. His lawyer confirms that Mr Van der Biezen is suspected of fencing the stolen paintings, but insists that his client is innocent. Mr Van der Biezen is the lawyer of one of the co-defendants in the trial of alleged crime boss Willem Holleeder.

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