Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Stradivarius is Sound of Music for Von Johnson's !!

Art Hostage has learnt from Otto Von Johnson that old Roddy von Bennigsen, whilst at his London home, suffered a dramatic loss last Friday at his Hanover manor house back in Germany.

On a hit list for some time due the lack of security, the Manor was approached over farmland by thieves driving 4x4's.

A simple lifting of sash windows was all that was needed, no alarms, then once inside the thieves headed for the the prize, a Stradivarius violin.

However, as the thieves were not experts they also took other violins to make sure they got the Stradivarius.

These included violins by Olgemalde and a couple of Silberleuchter's.

The Stradivarius is worth upward of $3million and could be valued at $10 million for insurance.

The other violins are worth a couple of million dollars $2 million.

The thieves left through the window and fled across the fields in the 4x4's, making good their escape.

After a period of being laid down locally the Stradivarius will be offered in the Underworld as collateral before heading to a criminal venture capitalist, who will have a long term investment view.
Perhaps the Balkanisation of these violins initially ??

The Bennigsen Stradivarius joins the Oistrakh, Ames, Lamourex, Davidov-Morini, Colossus, Le Maurien, and Lipinski Stradivarius violins that have been stolen or thought missing as with the Lipinski.

To be continued.............................................

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