Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Brits Bulldoze Dutch Law in Art Heist Entrapment !!

Entrapment with Lipstick is still Entrapment
Remember back in September when law enforcement from Britain, with an Art Loss Adjuster in tow, recovered the paintings stolen from the Frans Hals Museum in 2002 ??

Here is the back story:

Well, it now transpires the amount of money that went walkabout was 1 million Euros, £850,000, $1.2 million.

Furthermore, the charges against the Lawyer have been dropped due to a blatant entrapment carried out by Brit Police and their Art Loss Adjuster cohort.

It now transpires the Dutch Lawyers Society have condemned this entrapment and their may be legal action for damages. The Dutch Lawyers Society also described arresting the Lawyer on his birthday as "indecent" especially as those charges have now been dropped.

Going forward, a Dutch Member of the European Parliament is going to table a motion to clarify the laws of entrapment and incorporate it into the Human Rights Act. This would give a universal law across Europe covering the law with regards Police and others entrapping people into breaking the Law.

Currently the laws covering entrapment differ from country to country and the criteria for breaches is set to a different standard in each country.

Now, we are not only talking about entrapment with regards stolen art recovery, but also with regards terrorism.

Although entrapment laws differ in each country, the intention to entrap is universal and an Agent Provocateur with Lipstick is still an Agent Provocateur.
If a dog barks, what about a dog with a Harelip/Cleft Lip ??
it goes Mark, Mark !!!

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