Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Heist Some Truth Emerges, Slowly !!!

Break In 1990 Gardner Museum Heist?
$500M In Art Stolen From Boston Museum

BOSTON -- An inmate at MCI Norfolk said he knows the whereabouts of about $500 million in art stolen almost 20 years ago from a Boston museum.

The March 18, 1990, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist is the largest art theft in modern history. Inside the museum, empty spaces where the 13 missing masterpieces once hung are constant reminders that the crime remains unsolved.

Robert Beauchamp said one of the suspects in the case, George Reissfelder, told him that the pieces were stashed in the walls of a "safe house" in Maine

Beauchamp said Reissfelder and two other people stole the art with the plan of negotiating its return for a lesser sentence for an unrelated crime and stored it in a Maine home. The homeowner and Reissfelder both died before the art could be retrieved, Beauchamp said.

Beauchamp and his attorney, Alec Sohmer, have been working with the FBI and the museum to locate the safe house.

The U.S. attorney said in 2005 that they may be willing to grant immunity from prosecution to anyone returning the masterpieces. The thieves themselves can never be prosecuted because the statute of limitations on their crime ran out years ago.

As a result of the Gardner heist, the statute of limitations on museum theft was extended in this country from five years to 20 years.

Art Hostage comments:

The truth is some of the Gardner paintings did end up in a house in Maine.

That house belonged to Joe Murray and after his murder the paintings were thought to have been retrieved by proxies of Whitey Bulger and some made their way to Ireland.

The Irish connection to the actual Gardner Heist is one of the robbers was of Irish decent, "Mate" and affiliated to the Irish Republican cause. The deep idealogical friendship between Joe Murray and senior figures within the Irish Republican military wings caused Joe Murray to try and bargain the Gardner art for Irish Republican political concessions, the door was slammed shut on this and so the Gardner art began its exile.

Blimey, can you imagine, the Gardner paintings are still in the walls of Joe Murray's Maine home and the FBI have not been up there to look.

That's it, Art Hostage declares the FBI should go straight to the house in Maine that once belonged to Joe Murray and scan all the walls. If they do not find any Gardner paintings then they may find traces of the Gardner paintings ???

However, I always thought some Gardner paintings were only stored at Joe Murray's Maine home and not hidden in the walls.
To be continued.............................


Anonymous said...

Beau-chump is a fag and he is behind the curve.

Gardner art was moved from where he thinks they are hidden.

Beau-chump is playing a double game and hoping he can get the Gardner art placed so he can get credit with promises of reward for the guys who have the art.

The Lawyer is not being straight with the Feds, he knows more than he is saying.

Anonymous said...

Beauchamp is a seacrab !!

Anonymous said...

The lawyer is a joke. He's being investigated for mortgage scams and doesn't know a thing about the art or criminal law.

Art Hostage said...

Art Hostage says:

If, and I stress a big if, David Turner thinks he can offer any assitance in the recovery of the Gardner art he better act fast, why ??

Well, if David Turner does not then he risks someone else giving help and he will not get any favours and maybe a reduction in his jail sentence.

Even if David Turner cannot provide the specific details of where the Gardner art is then any help that would set off a chain of events that could lead to any recovery of the Gardner art will stand David Turner in good stead for a reduction in his jail sentence.

So, David, have a chat to your lawyer, better still ask to see Anthony Amore, who I am certain will travel to you jail and will be very sympathetic to any help you can offer.

It is just a thought.

Furthermore, if anyone has information on the whereabouts of the elusive Gardner art then Art Hostage says Anthony Amore is the only one who can facilitate a deal.

Forget all the people trying to cash in on the misery of the Gardner museum, Anthony Amore is the only person who can help, via your lawyer if that makes you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the movie "Stolen" filmed in 2005. Many of the main characters were interviewed. At one point they had a significant lead, proposed by an ex-con which turned out to be fraud. My opinion is that if someone wants money in advance for producing the painting, they probably don't have it and are playing the other for a fool. There wasn't one person in that movie that I had any affection or admiration for. Even the loss of the paintings; the choice of items taken seems peculiar- my opinion is that as strange as it sounds, someone very close- family member?? may have wanted these special paintings for private viewing.