Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Declan Duffy, Ex INLA Leader, "Just When I Thought I Was Out...., They Pull me Back In !!!!" Dessie O'Hare Update !!!

A SECOND man wanted by British authorities over the shooting dead of an unarmed British soldier in England more than 17 years ago has appeared before the High Court.

Declan Derek Patrick Duffy (35) originally from Armagh, but now of Hanover St West, Dublin, is being sought under a European Arrest Warrant alleging he murdered Sergeant Michael Newman (34) on April 13, 1992, outside an army careers office in Derby where the soldier worked.

Sgt Newman, a father-of-one, was shot in the head and died the following day. The INLA later claimed responsibility.


Duffy is also facing a charge that he conspired to commit murder on dates between January 1, 1992 and April 13, 1992. He is currently in custody on domestic matters.

Another man is also facing extradition proceedings in relation the same matter. Anthony Patrick Gorman (39) originally from Co Armagh, but now of Bailieborough, Cavan, appeared before the High Court earlier this month and was later remanded on bail pending the hearing of the extradition proceedings.

Yesterday at the High Court, amid tight security, Mr Justice Michael Peart remanded Duffy in custody to appear again later this month.

Duffy, dressed in a cream jacket and sunglasses, did not speak during the brief hearing.

Det Sgt Jim Kirwan, of the Garda Extradition Unit, told the court that yesterday morning he arrested Duffy at the Four Courts in Dublin on foot of a warrant endorsed by the High Court earlier this year.


Duffy acknowledged his name, age and place of birth. How-ever, when asked if his nationality was British, the court was told he made no reply.

The detective, in reply to counsel for the State, said that when Duffy was asked if he knew about the charges contained on the arrest warrant, he replied: "I know."

Earlier this month at the Special Criminal Court, Duffy pleaded guilty to membership of the INLA.

However, he publicly disassociated himself from the organisation before the three judge court. He is currently awaiting sentence.

The judge also informed Duffy he had a right to consent to his surrender should he so desire.

- Tim Healy
Interesting to note this take from the Irish News:

THE British government will this morning apply for the extradition of a leading dissident republican being held in the Republic for questioning about the murder of a British army recruiting sergeant 17 years ago.

Declan Duffy (36) is due to be sentenced later this month at Dublin Special Criminal Court in the Republic on charges of belonging to an illegal organisation, namely the INLA.

However, it is understood that British government lawyers will this morning apply to the High Court in Dublin for the Co Armagh man to be extradited to England under a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) to be questioned about the 1992 murder of British army recruiting sergeant Michael Newman.

The 33-year-old had just lowered a flag outside the army recruiting office where he worked in Derby and was walking to his car when he was shot in the head.

Within days British police named Duffy and two other INLA men as being wanted in connection with the murder.

While the three were arrested in the Republic the following year, Duffy’s co-accused Anthony Gorman and Joseph Magee both successfully challenged attempts to have them extradited back to Britain to be questioned about the soldier’s murder.

Duffy and Gorman, who have both served jail terms in the Republic, have never been tried for their alleged involvement in the murder as they have refused to go to Britain for questioning.

However, in 2004 Magee was arrested when he secretly crossed the border into Northern Ireland to attend a funeral in his native Co Armagh.

He later pleaded guilty to the soldier’s murder and was ordered to serve a minimum of 25 years behind bars.

However Magee walked free from prison in April 2006 under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement’s early release scheme.

Earlier this month Gorman was arrested in

Co Cavan and questioned by gardai about the 1992 murder.

British government lawyers are believed to be seeking Gorman’s extradition alongside Duffy.

However, it was last night unclear whether Duffy, above, would be entitled to benefit from the Good Friday Agreement release scheme, if convicted of the killing.

In March this year it was claimed that Duffy had been dismissed as leader of its organisation in Dublin.

Earlier this week he publicly said he had en-ded his association with the INLA and wanted to serve his time a non-paramilitary prisoner.

However, the government is also understood to be under severe pressure to despecify the INLA’s ceasefire status following its involvement in the separate murders of three men in Derry in recent years.

If the government does decide to refuse to recognise the INLA’s ceasefire status and Duffy and Gorman are convicted of the soldier’s murder they could face 25 years in prison.

Art Hostage Comments:

Declan Duffy is trying to leave the Irish Republican stage as linked below:
This one is for Declan Duffy:

And this one from Silvio:
Dessie O'Hare comes to the rescue and the Stolen Vermeer from the Gardner Museum in Boston is discovered in a Confession Box at the Brothers of Charity in Galway, thereby thwarting any attempts by the UVF to gain credit from the Vermeer recovery.
Sad how "The Concert" by Vermeer has been held Art Hostage and passed around as collateral in contraband deals.
It needs to go back home and break free from the shackles of being a pawn in underworld activity.
Do the deal !!!!!

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