Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Painting/Drawing Surfaces, Perhaps !!!

Hotter Than July !!!!
Art Hostage has had some mixed messages from the Underworld regarding the Gardner art recently.

First of all there are reports coming out of Costa Mesa California that a Gardner painting has been found.

Add to that a report from Boston ""La Sortie Du Pelage" by Degas has been found and Art Hostage wonders if the first tentative hand back has occurred ???

Art Hostage thinks the most likely stolen Gardner artwork to be recovered first will be Degas, "Cortege Aux Environs De Florence" which has been floating around for quite a while.

What did Whitey Bulger write on the back of a picture is another question worth knowing the answer.

Rumour has it Whitey Bulger wrote a letter on the back of a stolen Gardner painting to taunt authorities if and when they ever recover the stolen Gardner art.

A Whitey Bulger Gardner Art cocktail is the worst nightmare for authorities and is why any connection is dismissed out of hand, as if to be in a state of "hopeful denial"

However, the Gardner drawings could surface as they are reputed to still be around the Boston area.

The main stolen Gardner artworks are being held Art Hostage until a deal is offered that will tempt those in control to deal.

All previous attempts to make a deal have fallen on deaf ears, despite the public protestation's of some who claim no deal has been put forward.
Incredible news about who has offered their services in the pursuit of Whitey Bulger.
I am sorry but I cannot bring myself to reveal who has offered to help locate Whitey Bulger as I am so shocked and amazed.
Talk about a "Poacher Turned Game-keeper" Wow, is all I can say at this stage !!!

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