Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Whitey Bulger and MI5, Gardner Art Anyone ????

Whitey Bulger, MI5, Billy Bulger, Patrick Nee,the FBI, Choose the Bad Guy !!!!!

So, there was Art Hostage having a nice lunch with a good old retired Brit Security Services Chief when the subject of Whitey Bulger came up.

Much of what was said was already known to Art Hostage, double cross, triple cross and back again, but the news it was going to be officially leaked in Boston came as a bit of a surprise.

Perhaps the timing of the 20 year commemoration of the Gardner Heist has something to do with it ????

Art Hostage has been briefed on the latest Gardner Heist state of play and has been asked to keep quiet and allow this latest attempt to play out.

Now guys, play nice and perhaps we can have at least some stolen Gardner artworks returned before March 18th 2010, or even on the day, or day before for maximum impact.

Catholic Church Confession Box is still the favourite recovery location for the stolen Gardner art, and now its official !!!!!

Art Hostage has faith in Anthony Amore and Carman Ortiz to pull this thing off, the Lawyer on the other side is playing hardball, and for good reason, not just the language barrier !!!!!!!!

So, remember when you hear or read about Whitey Bulger and MI5 act like you are surprised and not like you have seen it all before on Stolen Vermeer provided by Art Hostage.
Furthermore, more and more people are accepting Whitey Bulger has died, maybe Ireland, Art Hostage won't reveal where at this stage, but remember it was Art Hostage who first called this.
It is not so much Whitey Bulger who authorities want, it is the James "Whitey" Bulger diaries that authorities are afraid of.
They are still outstanding and the race is on to locate them. This is the real reason why authorities won't go public yet.

More to follow............................................

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