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Vermeer's The Concert

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Whitey Bulger, Look Behind the Headline !

FBI looks to Canada in Bulger search

James J. Bulger, known the world over as Whitey Bulger, is getting a lot of attention on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.

FBI agents showed up on the Canadian island last week informing employees at local bookstores in the city of Victoria to lookout for the fugitive gangster.

Jim Munro, owner of one of Victoria’s largest bookstores, Munro’s Books, told the Boston Globe, “I think they had some suspicion that he was in the area.”

Munro said the FBI agents described Bulger as an avid reader and provided the bookstore with a wanted poster of the gangster and his girlfriend, Catherine Greig. The agent asked the manager to hang-up the poster in the staff room where only employees would see it, so Bulger would not be alerted if he happened to drop by for something to read.

Bulger was a long-time FBI informant with more than half a dozen books written about him, and a Academy-Award winning movie, The Departed, based in part on his actions as a Boston Irish mafia boss. He was born in Dorchester, Mass in 1929. Since his criminal career began, he has been fingered in the killing of upwards of 19 people. Bulger has been on the run since before his January 1995 racketeering indictment in Boston.

Gail Marcinkiewicz, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Boston, said yesterday that the agency has no specific information that Bulger is hiding in Victoria.

“It’s just part of our outreach to locate where Bulger might be,” Marcinkiewicz told the Boston Globe. “Whitey could probably be anywhere. We’re just trying to reach all logical places.”

The last confirmed sighting of Bulger was in London in 2002. Currently, the FBI is offering a $2 million reward for information leading to his capture.

A multi-agency task force has followed Whitey look-alikes all around the world – Toronto, Montreal, Europe, South America and Asia. In 2003 and 2004, investigators apprehended safe deposit boxes that belonged to Bulger in Montreal, Dublin and London. Bulger’s personal belongings included numerous books that showed that he enjoys travel, crime, war and history.

Bulger’s former close associate, Kevin Weeks – now an author – told the Boston Globe that it is highly unlikely Bulger would be hiding out in British Columbia. Weeks added if investigators thought Bulger was in Victoria, “They’d be staking out the bookstores, not asking employees to call them.”

Weeks told the Boston Globe he doubts Bulger fled to Canada because he prefers warmer climates, “Just based on his travel patters in the past, I think he’s in Europe.” Weeks last saw Bulger in New York City in November 1996 when they got together for a secret meeting.

Art Hostage Comments:

The Whitey Bulger hunt has been a pantomime so it is only fitting to say:

"If you want Whitey Bulger, look behind you"

The normal timescale for the FBI to reveal information via their Yellow Media Sycophants is two years, so, this latest Canadian search could be based on two year old intelligence, when the FBI first focused on Canada, and used as a smoke-screen, or a smoking-out device.

Narrowing the "Circle of Life" in which Whitey Bulger can operate, so to speak.

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