Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, New Head FBI Boston, Dicky De Lauriers, Same Old Same Old !!!

Richard DesLauriers above, new head of Boston FBI already immortalised as Warren T Bamford Clone on (Boston FBI Field Office) toilet wall.

Warren T Bamford above, ex-head of Boston FBI, Stuffed Shirt Elitist.

Boston FBI chief says James "Whitey" Bulger, art heist priorities

BOSTON — The new head of the Boston FBI office says he will have a "laser-like focus" on finding fugitive gangster James "Whitey" Bulger and solving the 1990 Gardner Museum art heist.

Richard DesLauriers said the two high-profile cases will be among his highest local priorities.

DesLauriers began work last month as special agent in charge. He is a 23-year veteran of the FBI with extensive experience in counterintelligence.

DesLauriers, a native of Longmeadow, oversees the FBI in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Bulger, a former FBI informant, is wanted in connection with 19 murders.

The largest art theft in history at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner museum remains unsolved 20 years after two thieves disguised as police officers made off with more than a half-billion dollars in art.

Art Hostage Comments:

Get the fuck outta here, this guy is a clone of Warren T Bamford.

"Laser like focus", who the fuck does this guy think he is ?

a Star Wars Jedi !!

You don't solve the Gardner case or capture Whitey Bulger from a manual, corporate speak makes you look like a stuffed shirt.

Do the FBI have a production line of stuffed shirts

We have seen them come and we have seen they go, heads of the Boston FBI always start their tenure with the same old rhetoric about apprehending Whitey Bulger and solving the Gardner case.

First, Whitey Bulger, well make it a $10 million reward, no conditions, just the capture of Whitey Bulger, dead or alive and you may get some takers.

Second, the Gardner case, well Richard DesLauriers, that is out of your control as Assistant U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Brian Kelly holds the key.

If you are really serious about recovering the Gardner art then a total immunity agreement has to be offered, not the shallow false one offered so far. This means anyone coming forward with information that leads to the recovery of the Gardner art does not, I repeat does not have to reveal where they obtained the information, or has to go before any Grand Jury and they will also retain their right to take the fifth amendment if they so desire.

Then and only then will someone step forward with the right information needed to recover the Gardner art.

However, a little pointer, Free of charge. Enquire over at the State Dept about the Iranian connection to stolen art which may give you a little enlightenment, not forgetting the Dissident Irish Republican link to stolen art. This will educate you a little about the global stolen art underworld.

Furthermore, the so-called reward offer by the Gardner Museum was increased all the way back in 1997 to $5million, which is nearly fourteen years ago.

The Gardner Museum reward offer needs to be doubled to $10 million at least to provoke any kind of interest.

To demonstrate the sincerity of Art Hostage.

Art Hostage declares here and now.

Art Hostage seeks not one dime, not a single dime from the Gardner Museum reward offer, even if they increase that reward offer to $10 million or more.

The intentions of Art Hostage is to see the Gardner art deposited in a Catholic church confession box and returned to the museum, and the Gardner Museum forced to pay the reward they have offered and not invoke all the hidden conditions attached to the current reward offer which means the Gardner Museum can wriggle out of paying any reward should the need arise.

If the FBI wants bodies, then best of luck, that hasn't happened for twenty years and counting.

The much maligned William Youngworth was right after all, the immunity must be a blanket immunity accepted in good faith that allows the Gardner Art to surface and the Gardner Museum reward offer is Fools Gold in its current form.

Until these two issues are resolved publicly then no one with any sense is going to step forward with information about the Gardner art.

Sorry for not being a Brown Nosed Yellow Sycophant like all the others, time for some home truths about the Gardner case to be aired.

Forget Proof of life, show Proof of reward and Proof of total immunity.

Welcome to Boston Dicky De-Lauriers, your name sounds like a brand of champagne, so get cork popping !!!!!!


C Sabba said...

Uei Turbo-man, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! Che cazzo stai faccendo??????????????????????????

Lerna said...

I am totally addicted to your blog! Your comments are F*#'n hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Funny but stoopid.