Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Anthony Amore Stealing Rembrandts, Then "Mr Amore Goes To Washington"

It is with great pleasure Art Hostage can announce the publication of a truly riveting new book all about stealing Rembrandt's and why the Master seems to attract art thieves throughtout history.

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More on Anthony Amore here:

Tom Mashberg, the gutsy, raw, street reporter co-authors Stealing Rembrandts with Anthony Amore, which means the book Stealing Rembrandts, will knock the socks off the reader and allow them a glimpse into the dark shady world of international art theft.

Anthony Amore is one of those guys you rarely meet, who has an instant, likable, easy going nature and for that Art Hostage firmly believes Anthony Amore should seek public office, perhaps as a Councilman to cut his teeth then Congressman then Senator.

I say this in all sincerity because Washington desperately needs hard working, honest, decent, forward looking citizens to carry the American Dream forward.

All to often the people become cynical of politicians and if for no other reason then that, should make Anthony Amore pause for thought and seriously consider running for public office.

Whatever the task, whatever the odds, Anthony Amore never gives in.

Take his pursuit for the elusive Gardner art.

Many times, by many people, Anthony Amore has been told there is no way the Gardner art can be recovered, but each time Anthony Amore hears "No you can't" he responds with the immortal words: "Yes we can"

That positive thinking is in Anthony Amore's DNA and why Art Hostage refers to Anthony Amore as the art worlds Barack Obama.

Here is the official description:

Art theft is one of the most profitable criminal enterprises in the world, exceeding $6 billion dollars in losses to galleries and art collectors annually. In Stealing Rembrandts, authors Anthony M. Amore and Tom Mashberg reveal the actors behind the major art heists of the Dutch Master in the last century. Through thefts around the world - from Stockholm to Boston, Worcester to Ohio - the authors track daring entries into, and escapes from, the world's most renowned museums, and robbers who coolly walk off with multi-million dollar paintings. Stealing Rembrandts is a dramatic and brilliant account that lets you peek into the alluring and little-known criminal art world.


"The authors smash myth after myth, many of them the result of unrealistic movies of the James Bond variety ... An interesting mish-mash of everything related to the thievery of valuable art."-- Kirkus Reviews

“A fast-paced and engrossing exposé of the shady underbelly of the art world.”—Robert K. Wittman, New York Times bestselling author of Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue the World’s Stolen Treasures

"You don't have to appreciate art -- just entertaining true-crime stories -- to enjoy 'Stealing Rembrandts.' In this fast-moving account of some of the most daring art heists ever, art security expert Anthony Amore introduces a colorful real-life cast of sticky-fingered art-lovers you won't soon forget, especially the next time you find yourself in a museum checking out an exhibit of Old Masters, or new."--Howie Carr, bestselling author of Hitman and The Brothers Bulger

"Authors Amore & Mashberg are the Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson of the art world. True masters in their own right, they provide an unvarnished look at some of history's most notorious art heists, separating fact from popular fiction and defeating the notion that art theft is a victimless crime. On the contrary, Stealing Rembrandts is proof that plundering art for profit is more dangerous than we could ever have imagined."--Casey Sherman, bestselling author of Search for the Strangler, Bad Blood and The Finest Hours

Stealing Rembrandts offers a rare inside look into a world few of us know beyond headlines and Hollywood. By weaving together Rembrandt’s own story with exclusive interviews and insights into the men who have stolen his masterpieces, authors Anthony M. Amore and Tom Mashberg do a masterful job of connecting the artist and his thieves across the centuries. Along the way, they explode myths and reveal the true nature of the criminals and their crimes. Most of us can’t hope to hang a Rembrandt on our walls, but the good news is that we can eagerly add this book to our collections.”--Mitchell Zuckoff, author of Lost in Shangri-La

"Stealing Rembrandts is thoroughly researched and filled with memorable characters. It is a fascinating and entertaining read."—Milton Esterow, publisher of ARTnews


Anthony M. Amore is the head of security at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and contributes to the Boston Herald and Huffington Post. He serves as trustee of the Association for Research into Crimes against Art and lectures widely on art crime.

Tom Mashberg is an award-winning investigative reporter and the former Sunday Editor for the Boston Herald. During his 30-year career he has reported for The New York Times and The Boston Globe, as well as writing for Vanity Fair and many other publications. He was called “the quintessential newspaperman” by FOX-TV’s America’s Most Wanted.

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