Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, William Youngworth Muses, Charles Sabba Listens

William P. Youngworth III and the artist Charles Vincent Sabba Jr. in front of the large Gardner Gossips canvas in its early, underpainting stage 2009.

Charles Vincent Sabba Talks Gardner Art With William Youngworth

“ A mega budget movie coming soon about the world’s largest unsolved art robbery? “. has learned that prominent New England Antiques Dealer William P. Youngworth, III, has been approached by consortium representing a Hollywood Production Company with an intense interest in Boston based crime dramas.

In 2010, with an Academy Award winning mega Boston colored success under their belts, their focus has now turned to the Holy Grail of all Boston crime mysteries-The 1990 robbery of Boston’s Gardner Museum!, like many others close to the case, has long considered Youngworth the key to solving the mystery of the World’s largest unsolved art robbery that has dogged investigators for over two decades.

Youngworth, angered over what he calls “extortive strong arm methodology”, to force his cooperation in the multi million dollar 21 year old investigation into the robbery that’s stymied law enforcement, has walked away from the negotiating table for good.

When asked for comment Youngworth said “Every few years someone has an idea for a book or a movie. I guess that after Bulger came up a dry hole its back to me again.”

These days Youngworth, 52, is semi retired “living off a few small investments” dedicates his time to helping his son who has his own Antique Furniture and Collectibles business. “Its been a tough year on my boy”. In his son’s first year of business he lost one building to a fire and a second to a freak tornado suffering in access of a million dollars in losses. Despite two disasters Youngworth’s son William, IV has built such a successful business following his (late) mother’s & father’s business model that it continues to grow and prosper.

Youngworth promises that if he did undertake any movie or book projects he would insist on some level of control that probably conflict with artistic license. “There is nothing formal at this stage but all parties are listening”.

Youngworth promises that if he decides to undertake any projects that new details of one of the world’s greatest mysteries would be forthcoming. asked Youngworth if we all could be in on solving the Gardner case for the price of a movie ticket? Youngworth stated that “I wouldn’t go that far, the Gardner and the Feds will buy it on bootlegged DVD’s off street corners”.

On a serious note Youngworth noted that the head of the Gardner Museum’s Security Anthony Amore teaming up with Boston tabloid reporter Tom Mashburg are now on the road promoting their book on Rembrandt thefts. “It just proves one more time that profiting off the theft as opposed to meaningfully trying to resolve it is the Gardner’s main objective”. More to come soon! -

William Youngworth has an open voice at and we will never censor him when he agrees to be interviewed. I would like to include a disclaimer however that his views and opinions do not express the viewpoints and opinions of and . This should be especially noted as concerns our respect for Anthony Amore and our love and dedication to both the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and Isabella's memory. We have stated many times that we think this little museum is one of the most precious in the United States and we are dedicated to assisting in the recovery of their treasures in any manner. -Sabba-

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