Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, Flip The Investigation To Recover The Art

"Frank and Jamie", installation/sculpture, 2002, by Maurizio Cattelan.

A new icon of subversion.
This sculpture is both an inverted image of power and a statement about the seduction of authority.

Over 20 years later, still pained by void where work of art should hang

TO THOSE who have the painting:

March 18, 1990, more than 20 years ago, my heart cried out: “The Storm on the Sea of Galilee’’ had been stolen along with a number of other valuable pieces of art. Twenty years later, my heart still cries out.

I had been fortunate. I had gazed upon the painting and pondered its meaning. Rembrandt urges us to consider taking a stormy sail with the apostles and Christ upon the sea of life. Rembrandt himself, who is believed to have depicted his image gazing out to us from the ship, invites us on board. The artist represents us, humanity with Christ.

After the heist, when I visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, I saw the blank spot and cried. My son and daughter, having never seen the painting, will never be blessed with the experience that only the original can provide. Countless others are being deprived of Rembrandt’s wish to inspire us.

Twenty years. It has been long enough. To those who have the painting, I say: Be good and return the piece; the world needs it. You will be forgiven; it is Christmastime. No questions asked. You have had this artwork long enough. Just send it.

P. Nelson

The Honorable Charles Vincent Sabba Reflects On The Gardner Art Heist Recovery Process

Gardner Bullets I: An Introduction

"Killer Bee"; 2006; 45 Cal target round, acrylic paint and fabric wings; by Charles Sabba.

Gardner Bullets II: Concealing and Receiving

It is a ten-year felony to conceal or receive any of the stolen Gardner Museum artworks:

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum door that the thieves entered on Palace Road on 18 March 1990.

United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Carmen M. Ortiz.

Gardner Bullets III: Is an offer of immunity on the table?

Portrait of a stool Pigeon; oil on canvas; by Charles Sabba.

Check out "The Wire" over on "Your Brush With The Law" for the Charles Vincent Sabba Art Crime lectures, news, interviews and video's relating to art crime and the Gardner Art Heist:

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