Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Friday, June 01, 2012

Stolen Art Watch, "Charles Sabba closes his lecture on the Gardner Robbery at Salmagundi Club with a message to all operators in the art underworld

"...This is going to be on the web and its bound to be viewed by some in the art underworld. So I want to speak directly to people who steal art and commit art crimes. You need to trust me! But dont trust because I am a cop! Cops, agents, security experts, and lawyers lie. They are allowed to lie to get you to talk. Like when you and a co-defendant are being interrogated and they tell you your pal rolled on you even tho he didn't say a word. They are lieing to get you talking. They can tell you there is a reward even if there isn't and they can tell you there is an immunity even if you wont get it."

"...Don't trust me because I am a cop. You need to trust me because I am first and foremost an artist and I am dedicated to art. You should contact me and you will find fair and consistent treatment. First off, I want to put you into an art historical context by painting your portrait. I want to paint your portrait and you will receive one as a gift of thanks for taking the time to pose, either you can sit for the painting or I can photograph you and work from the photo, depending on your time restraints and schedule. After we work together as artist and sitter and break bread for lunch and have a few drinks afterwards and we get to know each other you will realize Im not out to hurt anybody, I'm only in it to protect the art. Art is my life. Art is what gives life meaning. Art is a secular faith to me and in spite of Youngworth's cold , hard words that the Gardner art will not be recovered now in our lifetimes, I am going to keep the faith it will. So my closing words are keep the faith! The faith is art! "

(Photos: the 1st photo above was taken at the Leo Koenig Gallery located at 545 W. 23rd Street, New York; the 2nd photo was taken at the Grounds For Sculpture located in Hamilton Township, N.J.).

The artist/ art theft gumshoe Charles Sabba is sending the open invitation to all involved in the art underworld to have their portraits painted in oil on canvas. Sabba is approaching these portraits as an artist, not a law enforcement official, in a neutral, non-threatening manner. Sabba's desire is to place his sitters in an art historical perspective by painting there portraits. While many writers and film experts have documented the world of art theft and the art crimes arena in articles, books and film, Charles Sabba is the first and only visual artist to delve deeply into "visual investigations" of this mysterious and remote area of the art world. His open invitation goes out to all people involved in the art crimes arena, such as art thieves, fences, smugglers, forgers, fraudsters, as well as all art detectives, agents, art loss adjusters, dealers, collectors and reporters, to name a few. To date he has had the following notable people pose for his portraits: the esteemed veterans of art theft investigation Bobby "The Art Cop" Volpe and Scotland yard's Richard Ellis, NYPD art theft Detective Mark Fishstein, Detective Sergeant Vernon Rapley, Det. Ian Lawson, Det. Michelle Roycroft, Chris Marinello of the Art Loss Register, the ex-forger, now the U.K.s greatest artist, John Myatt, the former antiquities smuggler Michel Van Rijn, the sophisticated art loss adjuster Mark Dalrymple, the former U.S.D.O.J. Prosecutor and Director of Unitel William Callahan, Paul
aka "Turbo" aka "Art Hostage" Hendry, two of New England's mot notorious art thieves Myles Connor and William Youngworth, the Security Director of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Anthony Amore, the ABC Primetime investigative reporter Jill Rackmill, and the art dealer with a penchant for art theft investigation, Alexander Boyle, to name only a few. Most police, agents, and bounty hunters go out on the hunt for men and women and place them in bracelets and drag them down town. Sabba hunts men and women with only one mission: to place them into an art historic perspective by painting their portraits. Art theft and art crimes are indeed an important part of art history and the involved persons and their stories must be documented for future generations. He is now very interested in contacting and painting the portraits of Robert Mang (Saliera), Gerald Blanchard, Jack Roland "Murf the Surf" Murphy, all of the involved parties in the Scream Caper, all involved parties in the Madonna with Yarnwinder Caper, to name a few.

You may contact Charles Sabba to have your portrait painted at:
You may view many of Sabba's portraits and art works here:
You may learn more about Sabba's visual investigative antics here:
You may view Sabba's scholarly dissertation on Bohemia and the Bohemian artists and poets who inhabited it here:

During the Salmagundi lecture, Charles Sabba revealed new and never before revealed info about who committed the Gardner Art Museum robbery. This lecture will be posted on the Your Brush With The Law You Tube channel for viewing soon.


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