Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist Through The Canvas, Charles Sabba Lecture

The Gardner Art Heist 1990

Charles Vincent Sabba Lecture Salmagundi Club New York

Part 1 Charles Vincent Sabba bio

" The Irish American thugs who pulled off the Gardner robbery were armored car robbers.
Now, they were not Turner and Reisfelder who worked for Carmelo Merlino as Ulrich Boser reported in his book the Gardner Heist, although these men would have certainly known and dealt with Merlino at his garage.

There were two Irish gangs in South Boston back in the 1970s, the Kileens and the Mullens. They had a bloody gangland war, eventually a truce was brokered and they merged under the Winterhill Gang which in time Whitey Bulger became the boss of. Old grudges still remained and Bulger never fully won the complete loyalty of all those old Mullen gang members, this is why he knew nothing about the whereabouts of the artworks.
I am telling you now and you are hearing this for the first time from me, that through my visual investigations, I believe that it was associates of the old Mullens Gang that pulled off the Gardner Museum robbery..."

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

-For more info on Charles Sabba's Salmagundi Club art exhibition and artist talk/Gardner robbery lecture click on the following links to the video (which is in four parts) to view it on the YourBrushWithTheLaw Youtube channel here:

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Charles Sabba said...

The artist genius, according to Arthur Shopenhauer, is noted for his or her superfluity of intellect, which propels him/her to shone the normal conventional thoughts and pop culture of modern society and to concentrate fully on the true human condition. The artist genius can not dwell too long on the monotonous or mundane, or the banal or vulgar, all four of which represent the core of modern culture and society, but he or she focuses all of their attention, intellectual ponderings and spiritual contemplations on what is essential in life, on the true essence of living. It is the true essence of living that is completely ignored by conventional society and this ignorance is what drives the artist mad (or at least creates an appearance of madness. (these are my thoughts and my take on the Shoperhaurian genius).

Artistic creativity can not take place within the confines of bourgeois society. Modern society is stultifying, artificial and boring, capable of producing enormous quantities of machines, technology and consumer goods but unable to generate that creative spark that characterizes great artists. A spiritual transformation of the world is absolutely necessary in order that modern humankind might reestablish contact with the sources of its own natural creativity. There is no true essence of life without the arts!

ajay said...

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