Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stolen Vermeer On the Brink of being Recovered

FBI refuses to comment on art investigation,.

The FBI has refused to comment on claims that a team of agents is coming to Galway in a bid to locate priceless works of art stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.

Among the pieces stolen during the famous raid were a work by Vermeer and three works by Rembrandt. In total over ?300 million worth of art was taken.

On Sunday, a national newspaper reported that a team of FBI agents are to come to Ireland as the investigation into the stolen paintings continues.

The 'News Of The World' story alleged that the FBI believes that the provisional IRA have at least one of the paintings stashed somewhere in Galway.

However, when contacted yesterday by the Galway Independent, a spokesperson in the FBI's field office in Boston refused to get into a discussion on any specifics as the investigation is on-going.

The investigation, which has been ongoing for over 16 years now, has seen the FBI focus on the IRA, the infamous Boston mob boss James 'Whitey' Bulger (the gangster that inspires this year's hit movie, The Departed), as well as a well-known art thief.

Even today, a ?5 million dollar reward is offered for the safe recovery of all the stolen items in good condition.

The daring heist took place on March 18 1990 when two men, dressed as police officers managed to gain entrance into the world famous Gardner Museum in Boston.

While in the museum, the thieves seized art worth over ?300 million before making their getaway.

Art Hostage says: Guys, work this thing honourably, don't set eachother up.

The Gardner case is a "One Off" the return of the Vermeer with the help of Irish Republicans will be viewed in America as a personal "Thankyou" for the support given to Irish Republicanism over the last Thirty years.

The game of "Cat and Mouse" between Law Enforcement and the criminal underworld can resume, after the Vermeer has been recovered, until then, lets all go for a senario that see's the Vermeer surface via a confessional box.

I am holding back vital information until it is safe to post, I do not want to appear too ahead of the game and upset the trust and balance, but I will say, FBI Agent Robert Wittman is as "Straight as a gun barrel" and can, I repeat can be, trusted to recover the Vermeer in an honourable manner, without duping anyone.

I am waiting for news the Vermeer has been recovered, its on the way !

You may head to Galway, but you cannot have it all-ways, what is desperately needed is good old fashioned "American Pragmatism."

Explosives accused granted bail !!

A son of former INLA leader Dominic McGlinchey has been released on bail by the High Court.

Declan McGlinchey, 30, of Gulladuff Road in Bellaghy, is charged with constructing and possessing a bomb discovered at a garage yard in July.

The prosecution is relying on DNA material.

After hearing submissions from prosecution and defence, a judge said the evidence was "not the strongest case," and released him on bail.

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