Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Friday, January 05, 2007

Meanwhile, On The Lonesome Trail of the Stolen Vermeer !!

Double Murder Suspect Dessie O'Hare Sought By Irish Police

The Main Suspect in the double murder of - major drug dealer Martin 'Marlo' Hyland and 20 year old - innocent plumber Anthony Campbell on 12th December 2006 in Finglas. Dublin. Psychotic (INLA) killer Dessie O'Hare is being sought by the Gardai (Irish Police) and may have since fled to Holland or Spain.

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Well known drug dealer presumed murdered in Spain

There are reports that a leading Irish criminal based in southern Spain has been murdered.

The man, aged in his 40s and from the Finglas area of Dublin, was believed to be missing for ten days.

Although no body has been found, the Irish Times says Gardai are treating the information seriously.

The man, believed to be one of the biggest suppliers of drugs to Dublin gangs, was an associate of Martin Hyland who was shot dead in Finglas last month.

If confirmed, the Spanish murder would be the fourth of a major Irish drug dealer based abroad.

Battle on for 'Marlo' territory

Three gangs tooling up for new turf war

HE'S dead less than a fortnight, but already criminals are fighting for control of Martin 'Marlo' Hyland's territory in Dublin.

Three factions are believed to be battling for control of the lucrative armed robbery business across the north and west of the city that Hyland (39) and his gang ran prior to his assassination.

In recent years Hyland masterminded a number of high profile robberies on cash and transit vans, pocketing hundreds of thousands of euro needed to bankroll his drug-dealing operation.

Since his murder 11 days ago, three outfits, each led by a formidible criminal, have been planning to fill the void left by his death.

A number of Hyland's old gang have "deserted the cause" since his killing and gardai fear violence in the coming weeks as the other gangs move in on Marlo's business.

The three criminals leading the rival factions are Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley, jailed armed robber John Daly and a third man from the Kippure area of Finglas who has a lengthy involvement in serious crime.

None of the men are suspects in Hyland's murder.

Alan Bradley attended the dead drug baron's funeral when it was held in Cabra earlier this week.

He is the leader of a criminal gang based in the Cappagh Road area of Finglas and is suspected by gardai of involvement in widespread criminality in the west Dublin area, including armed robbery and drug dealing.

Bradley (32) is currently arranging to pay a Criminal Assets Bureau bill of €350,000, which followed a lengthy investigation into his activities over two years.

A search of waste ground controlled by Bradley in Finglas in October yielded €100,000 of drugs and a quantity of shotgun ammunition. The drugs and ammunition were believed to belong to 'Fatpuss'. Bradley recently relaunched a small car sales business in a bid to raise cash to meet the €750,000 tax demand slammed on him and his brother Wayne by the Criminal Assets Bureau.

As well as selling used cars and scrambler bikes, Bradley controlled a mobile 'van shop' there which he recently closed down.

His rival in crime in the Finglas area is a man who is set for release from prison next year.

John Daly (26) is serving a nine-year sentence in Portlaoise Prison for an armed raid at an Esso station in Finglas in 1999.

Daly was an associate of Declan Curran, the feared armed robber who ran a gang in the Finglas west area and who died in prison two years ago.

Daly, has pledged to return to armed crime on his release from prison.

The third man, in his 30s, is an armed robber feared because of his temper and tendency to use firearms. He is suspected of being behind the murder of John Dillon (53) in Glenties Park in Finglas seven years ago.

He has also engaged in the widespread attempted intimidation of gardai, officers say.

He cannot be named for legal reasons.

Republican Nabbed in Spain

By Mairead Carey

SPANISH police have detained a former leading Republican in connection with a major cigarette smuggling ring in that country.

Gerard “Dickie” O’Neill, who is alleged to have been in charge of the IRA’s southern units when Detective Garda Jerry McCabe was shot dead by the Provisionals in Adare, Co. Limerick in 1996, was arrested at his home in Alicante.

O’Neill fled Ireland after the aborted raid on a postal van in Adare in which McCabe was killed instantly and his colleague injured. It is understood that he has been living in the holiday resort of Alicante for several years.

A warrant had been issued for his arrest in 1998 for alleged membership of the IRA, but last month the Special Criminal Court in Dublin cancelled the warrant after hearing that the senior police officer who could have given evidence against O’Neill was now retired.

O’Neill is the fourth Irish person in the last week to be arrested in connection with cigarette smuggling in Spain. The arrests followed a two-year investigation into smuggling by both British and Spanish police.

Last week, two men were arrested in Malaga, after ¤1 million of cigarettes was found hidden among furniture in two trucks. They were later released on bail.

Another man, Sean Hunt, from Ramilles Road in Ballyfermot, Dublin, was arrested on Monday at a house in the small town of Rojales, south of Alicante.

Three years ago Hunt was the subject of a major investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau but had successfully challenged a High Court decision granting a judgment for ¤1.77 million to the Criminal Assets Bureau for alleged unpaid income tax and VAT.

He had also been arrested in 1995 for the murder of a man in Ballyfermot, which Gardai believed had been carried out by the Provisional IRA.

Art Hostage comments:

This Irish gangster, based in Spain, presumed dead, had access to some gold boxes from the Rothschild robbery, wonder who has these spoils of war now?

Now, just because Dessie O'Hare may be having a well deserved holiday in Spain, don't jump to any conclusions, not until the Vermeer is safely home!!

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