Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Stolen Vermeer Will Be Recovered by St Patrick's Day 2007

Asset Recovery Agency Abolished

Art Hostage has learned, Tomorrow,Thursday, the Brit Home Office will anounce the abolition of the Asset Recovery Agency.

The task for recoverying criminal assets will fall to the new Serious Organised Crime Agency.

The deal has been done with Johnathon Powell whereby the sectarian tax demand of $20 million against General Thomas Slab Murphy will be withdrawn discretely, this will allow General Thomas Slab Murphy to order the Vermeer be handed back, hopefully via a confession box.

Politically, Tom Slab Murphy will use some of his wealth to support Gerry McGeough , left, in his attempt at political office.

This is all part of the stategy I have been calling for, to create a Irish Republican political force opposed to Sinn Fein in order to bring Dissident Republicans in from the cold, get them to call ceasefires and engage them in the political process.

This will prevent the Devil from finding work for idle hands.

Hopefully the whole Irish Republican movement will be on ceasefire soon and all aspects of Irish Republicanism will be represented politically, rather than militarily.

General Thomas Slab Murphy is vital for this and that is why he is being called on to help.

As for the Vermeer, My constant bugging Slab has caused him to gain control of the Vermeer and he will produce it when the time is right.

All I can say is, hurry up, as soon as possible please !!

To be continued.................

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