Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, March 03, 2007

See no Evil, Speak no Evil, and Hear no Evil, Money does'nt Talk, it Sings for these Raiders of the Lost, Stolen Art !!

Russian Schoolroom by Norman Rockwell, a quick google shows this to be stolen !!

Lucas, Spielberg, set fourth 'Indy' film, a case of a few Home Truths !!

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 1 Producer George Lucas and director Steven Spielberg have confirmed they will start filming in 2007 on a fourth Indiana Jones movie for release in May 2008. Lucas and Spielberg Monday confirmed details of the production after Lucas mentioned it to reporters as he prepared to serve as grand marshal at the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., The Hollywood Reporter said.

The release date follows by 19 years the release of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the third movie starring Harrison Ford as the academic-action hero. The new movie has been in development for at least four years, as Lucas, Spielberg and Ford have tried on several screenplays for size. They finally have one -- by Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds screenwriter David Koepp -- and Spielberg told The Reporter he thinks it ' s a good one. George, Harrison and I are all very excited, Spielberg said. We feel that the script was well worth the wait. We hope it delivers everything you'd expect from our history with Indiana Jones.Spielberg, who has been developing other projects, said the new Indiana Jones picture will be his next directing gig.

Art Hostage comments:

Both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are avid collectors of Norman Rockwell paintings, Mr Spielberg helping to set up the Norman Rockwell museum in Stockbridge, Mass.

So, we can deduce that these two guys are world class authorities on Norman Rockwell.

Taking this into account, Art Hostage firmly believes the title of the latest Indiana Jones movie should be:

"Indiana Jones and the Stolen Spielberg Rockwell"

Has a truthful ring to it, perhaps to close to reality?
Mr Spielberg checking his inventry for purloined works of art

FBI Agent reviewing the pursuit of "Russian Schoolroom" by Norman Rockwell

If George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are the elusive stolen art collectors called Dr No and Dr Yes, which is which??????

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