Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, March 08, 2007

World Breaking, Earth Shattering News, Hollywood Mogul Named as Real Life Dr No !!

2007 A Long Hot Sumner (Redstone) in L.A.

Art Hostage has been told, from an inside source, who works in a middle executive position in Hollywood, and who's boss has seen the Redstone stolen art collection,on condition of anonymity, that the real life Dr No in Hollywood is none other than the incorrigible Hollywood media mogul Sumner Redstone.

Sumner Redstone has a secret room/bunker at his mansion that is crammed full of high value stolen art, including some of the art stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston March 18Th 1990.

At private dinners Sumner Redstone takes his privileged AAA list guests on a tour of some of the worlds most wanted stolen art.

This private tour of the Museum of the Missing is a recognition of being on the AAA list of Hollywood Power Players and has been kept a secret for many years.

Recently a sinister turn of events has befallen Sumner Redstone regarding his dispute with Tom Cruise.

The Tom Cruise people have threatened to expose Sumner Redstone as the real Dr No and drop a dime to the Feds in the process.

How Sumner Redstone will react is open to question, will he make peace with Tom Cruise and take Tom Cruise back under his wing and steer Tom Cruise on the path towards being another Steven Spielberg type Hollywood AAA list Power Player?

Why make this public, well perhaps Sumner Redstone may decide to unload the Gardner art he has and allow these artworks to surface anonymously.

Are the FBI aware of these allegations, yes sir,they do now care of Art Hostage, so, Sumner do the right thing and give back the Gardner art, anonymously will do.

An interesting explanation for why Sumner Redstone has this passion for collecting high value stolen artworks is the fact he is suffering from Stendhal Syndrome, making the stolen art his drug of choice.

Seems this has spread to Steven Spielberg, although I am sure Mr Speiberg Will want to swap the Russian Schoolroom for another Rockwell with his dealer, who will be only to willing, if she wants to keep business contacts with Hollywood.
Once the inevitable lawsuits are sorted out I am sure then Mr Spielberg will step in an re-buy Russian Schoolroom, this time with legal title.

It is not about money it is about possessing unique artworks and obtaining legal title later.

Jean Marie Messier,left, former head at Vivendi, has possession of the stolen Flinck painting, below, from the Gardner Museum, one Sumner Redstone could do without.
Will Art Hostage be vilified or vindicated?

Sometimes real life is stranger then fiction.

Vermeer's "The Concert" still remains under the control of General Thomas Slab Murphy South Armagh Ireland until his tax bill is withdrawn.

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