Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, What Really Happened, Well Nearly !!

Art Hostage has been busy consulting many people regarding the Gardner Heist recently and here is what I have found.

A contact reveals that on the night of the actual Gardner Heist one of the security guards recognised a robber as non-other than David Turner. Fearing for his life the security guard did not reveal this to the FBI, but did confide this to another security guard who worked at the Gardner Museum.

The Grand Jury that met last fall:

interviewed some of the guards from the Gardner museum and it is still unclear if any revealed the knowledge of recognising David Turner as one of the robbers.

Apparently one of the security guards who was working at the Gardner museum on the night of the Gardner heist died in Paris under mysterious circumstances several year ago.

Post Gardner heist, David Turner was said to have sold some of the Gardner paintings to Joe Murray, who tried to use those Gardner paintings to have his longtime Staunch Irish Republican friend Dominic McGlinchey released from Jail.

The lesser valued stolen Gardner works of art were held back by David Turner and have been floating around David Turner's close circle ever since. These are supposedly several of the drawings taken from the Gardner museum.

Now the world and his wife have been looking for the elusive Gardner paintings and the recent coverage has put some of the David Turner gang held stolen Gardner paintings in play.

Enquiries have been made by Mr Frank Salemme as to the whereabouts of the stolen Gardner art and the results should be known by July 15th 2008.

As for the whereabouts of the Vermeer, well all indications it is, to some extent being controlled from Ireland as well as from America within certain Irish Republican circles.

However, there are also reports the Vermeer has been used as collateral against some drug deals that were intercepted and there is now an outstanding balance owed to the Underworld.

That was not the case last year when the Vermeer was free from Underworld debt and was offered back to authorities, who refused point blank, again to give any concessions.

As it stands there are two offers on the table for the return of the Gardner art.

First from Anthony Amore, head of security at the Gardner Museum, who will endeavour to pay the reward offered. However, this is fraught with danger for obvious reasons, although I am sure Anthony Amore could allay those fears with his own indomitable style.

Boston 6172785114
Ssh, Anthony Amore is so keen to recover the Gardner art he will make sure the art is recovered before telling anyone, and I mean anyone !!!

Second is the offer by Frank Salemme, of quietly paying a reward, out of his own pocket, quietly and discreetly, before Frank Salemme arranges for the stolen Gardner art to be placed in a Catholic Church confession box as a symbol of absolution.

For this act Frank Salemme gets released on July 15th 2008 instead of early 2009.

So, wherever the Gardner art is held hostage, the rightful way to recovery is to place the art in a Catholic Church Confession box and any subsequent credit, reward is given post recovery.

As for the Vermeer, still waiting, still hoping for a Catholic Church Confession box recovery !!

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