Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Friday, June 06, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Underworld hands back Bernadino Luini via Patsy Dealer !!

Stolen painting found in antique shop

A RENAISSANCE painting by Bernadino Luini, an Italian painter in Leonardo da Vinci’s circle, that was stolen from a Welsh church has been found, it emerged today.

The painting, Depicting Jesus Teaching by Bernadino Luini, a renowned Renaissance artist, was stolen from St Peter's Church Chancel in Evenjobb, near Presteigne.

The 500-year-old work of art had been a centrepiece in the chancel of the Presteigne church for more than a century.

The oil painting believed to be worth thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pounds, has been found in an antique shop, a source from the Church in Wales said today.

One of the artist’s most famous paintings, The Executioner Presents John The Baptist’s Head to Herod, is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, one of the oldest and well known art museums in the world, where most major Italian artists are represented.

Luini’s was one of the most prominent followers in Lombardy of Leonardo Da Vinci, whose painting, the Mona Lisa, is arguably the most famous masterpiece of all time.

Art Hostage comments:

The stolen Luini painting has been handed back via an underworld friendly Antiques dealer, who will say he bought it off a man who "walks with a lisp and talks with a limp !! "

What the Underworld has received is still unclear.

What is clear, is the Painting will not be returned to the church, but it will be sold and a copy will take it's place in the church.

So, although the painting has been handed back, the church-goers will not have the chance to enjoy it, as the value will prevent it's public display.

The Church will get some of the money, with the rest going to Head Office.

More to come........

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