Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Heist, Whispers From Boston, Defiance from Japan !!


There is a lot of “chatter” that the paintings have spent some time in a storage unit in Revere.

This would be the same place that ,years ago, a Herald reporter, (Tom Mashberg) was taken , blindfolded, and later viewed The Storm on The sea”…he said that he heard and smelled the ocean, and heard gulls overhead when exiting the car.

This storgae unit , it is said, has a clue written on one of the walls by the thieves, something to the effect that “the cops are too stupid to figure this things out”.

Later, the paintings were shipped , in parcels, via an international global shipping company in E.Boston on McClennd Highway…they also have since been sent back, in parcels, and are thought to be in Revere, along the beach.

The thieves have left the USA.

They have relatives in Revere.

The mastermind of the entire operation was said to be none other than Whitey Bulger, who, it is said, laughs even today, at the incompetence of the law.

The re-opening of the investigation is going to cause some trauma to next-generation relative of the thieves.

Has anyone heard that The Club Caravan in Revere is also a secret hiding place for fenced goods, including artwork.

There are hidden cameras on the sides of the building, next door to The Wonderland T stop. And…a possible Charlestown connection, via a noted clergyman in Charlestown, a compassionate friend of both Billy and Whitey Bulger ???
Comment by carmela - March 19, 2009 @ 6:47 pm Posted on the Boston Herald story below:

Art Hostage Comments:

So, will we see a deal whereby the Gardner art is handed back for the reward, via a proxy ??
Did Whitey Bulger enter the United States earlier this year, via Florida with view to handing himself in as he is in a terminal state ??
Will Whitey Bulger put in an appearance by being handed to the Feds/Justice Dept by his family, hoping they can collect the $2 million reward for the capture of Whitey Bulger.

Why on earth would Whitey Bulger hand himself in I hear you ask ???

Well, if his medical condition has worsened then he may want to give his family the chance to collect the $2 million reward, and added to that, handing in the Gardner art could increase the take by another $5 million, taking the total to $7 million for the Bulger family via a proxy.

Hail Mary, the proxy is the key !!!

Then of course there is the Whitey Bulger diaries written by Whitey over the last decade which I am sure will ruffle a few feathers to say the least.

This could be the deal of the century for the Bulger family if they can get away with it.

Perhaps the Justice dept will chosen over the feds to actually arrest Whitey Bulger.
Jimmy B, make sure you get rid of that bloody beard, it makes you look like Radovan Karadzic.

Remember 2001/2, Brighton, England !!!
A Japanese Art Collector, whilst not admitting he has any of the stolen Gardner art, has said:
"Even if I were in possession of any Gardner art, Rembrandt's Storm, I am protected by Japanese law"
A dilemma indeed !
Current law in Japan allows a good faith purchaser to gain title to an object even if it is stolen, in contrast to Anglo-American law under which title always remains with the original owner.
However, Japan did sign up to a treaty in 2002 but that was only in relation to cultural property.

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