Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Pink Panther Gang, (Balkan Bandits) Brass Balls !!

Cyprus postpones extradition of "Pink Panther" suspect

A Cypriot court on Tuesday postponed the extradition of a suspected international jewel thief thought to be part of a Balkan criminal gang known as the "Pink Panthers".
Global police agency Interpol suspects 41-year-old Rifat Hadziahmetovic, from Montenegro, is a member of the Pink Panthers, a loose association of about 200 criminals blamed for a string of heists across the world.

The crooks are thought to have staged some 120 attacks on luxury stores in about 20 countries, since their first robbery in London's exclusive Mayfair district in 2003.

Hadziahmetovic was arrested on March 18 as he attempted to leave the east Mediterranean island of Cyprus on a forged Bulgarian passport.

Spain wants him extradited on suspicion of armed robbery at a jewellery shop in Spain, a court in Cyprus heard on Tuesday.

The gang are thought to have pulled off one of their most spectacular heists last December, when they walked away with up to 85 million euros ($113 million) worth of goods after entering the Harry Winston jewellers in central Paris disguised as women.

Judicial authorities ordered Hadziahmetovic's detention until April 6.

Art Hostage comments:
Just in, at the hearing today Rifat's friend, and partner in crime Radovan Jelusic, photo left, was watching proceedings oblivious to the fact he is also wanted by Interpol.

It is the sheer audacity and brazen nature of the Pink Panthers (Balkan Bandits) that makes investigating them a bit like
"Hitting corks in a barrel of water"

Interpol have until April 6th to try and turn Rifat, photo right, a monumental task as Rifat is described by his fellow Pink Panthers as:
"A fucking Marine"

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i've been looking for thepicture of members of Pink panther.

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thank you soo much.

camille Ayaka, Japan