Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Caught Between Irish Politics and Irish Gangsters !!!

Accused was not in INLA, says former paramilitary

A brother of former INLA leader Dominic McGlinchey told the Special Criminal Court in Dublin today that he had no reason to believe that a Strabane man was an INLA member.

Mr Sean Mc Glinchey, who himself served 18 years in prison for IRA activities, and who is now a senior Sinn Féin member, said that he did not believe Eddie Mc Garrigle was an INLA member.

Mr Mc Glinchey said that he would not have come to court to give evidence on Mc Garrigle’s behalf if he believed he was in the INLA.

He told the court that he had held senior positions in the IRA and Sinn Féin and his brother Dominic had been involved for years in the INLA who held him in high esteem.

"At no time did I see Eddie McGarrigle in any discussions with them," he added.

Dominic McGlinchey, who at one stage was the most wanted man in Ireland, was murdered in Drogheda in 1994. His wife Mary was shot dead in Dundalk in 1987 as she bathed the couple’s young sons, Declan and Dominic.

Mr Sean McGlinchey told the court today that he accepted that the INLA is an illegal organisation.

He said that he had met Mc Garrigle in 1995 as part of his work in the peace process.

Mr Mc Glinchey was giving defence evidence in the trial of three men who were arrested in February last year by gardaí investigating a plot to kidnap a Cork businessman.

Edward McGarrigle (aged 43), Melmont Gardens, Strabane, Co Tyrone, Neil Myles (aged 54), of no fixed abode, and John McCrossan (aged 47), Ballycoleman Estate, Strabane, Co Tyrone have pleaded not guilty to membership the INLA on February 22 last year.

It is the prosecution's case that the four men were involved in a plot to commit a crime at the home of a Cork businessman.

The trial continues next Tuesday.

Limerick crime boss John Dundon believed to be in hospital

A LIMERICK criminal is reported to be in hospital in England – less than a week after he and members of his gang posted a video on YouTube threatening the leader of a rival gang.
John Dundon, 29, who is wanted in Limerick to face alleged public order offences, is believed to have suffered back injuries in a car accident in the Greater London area.

It is understood that his injuries are not life threatening, while an associate of the gang, who also fled the country following a number of high profile murders in Limerick, suffered minor whiplash when the car went off the road.

It has not yet been established whether the vehicle in which they were travelling was the dark coloured Mercedes that features in the YouTube video.

In the video, John Dundon boasts about his new high-powered Mercedes, a top of the range c-class that is estimated to worth up to €100,000.
A bench warrant was issued for his arrest last November when he failed to appear at Limerick Court for the alleged offences.

At the time, he fled the country after the murder of rugby player Shane Geoghegan, 28, in Dooradoyle, and the warrant for his arrest is still outstanding.

The four minutes and 19seconds video on YouTube - titled Limerick Boys in da Hood, has now attracted over 13,000 views.

It was taken down from the site last week, but reposted within a matter of hours by a different user.

In the video, John Dundon warns Christy Keane of a rival gang: "Christy, if you're looking for me, I'm somewhere in, eh, Europe, but I know where you are."

References to gunshots are also made in the video.

"I think he's going to hear a small bit of it. He's going to hear something and he won't hear the rest of it," said John Dundon.
Another member of the gang added: "Pop!"

The front registration plate of the car was covered with a plastic bag to prevent identification.

Two other Limerick men appear in the video and John Dundon boasts that one of them may be his getaway driver.

Ger Dundon, 22, who has over 70 previous convictions, also calls out in the video: "See you soon, motherf***er."

Ger Dundon was recently released from prison following a 10-month sentence for motoring and public order offences. He also was fined by Limerick Court last November for urinating on a Garda patrol car.


He has returned to Limerick and was seen in Ballinacurra Weston, the gang's stronghold, last week.
Christy Keane was released from Portlaoise Prison last February. He completed almost seven-and-a-half years of a 10-year sentence after he was caught with €240,000 worth of cannabis in St Mary's Park in 2001.

Local gardai who watched the video believe it may have been taken in Amsterdam and said the gang was being watched closely by gardai in Limerick, as well those from Dublin.

However, they said it was not clear if the video material could be used as evidence in future criminal trials against McCarthy-Dundon gang members, stating it was a matter for Director of Public Prosecutions.

Meanwhile, Roy Collins' family are still under Garda protection after threats were allegedly made against the family following his murder.
The family was reported to have been "horrified" when they saw the video clip and said it was further evidence that the gang "have no intention of giving up their terror tactics".

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