Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, March 01, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, Truth Hurts !!!!

Free The Gardner Art

Freedom of Expression provokes debate that leads to the recovery of
stolen art.

Suppression of opinions only serves to prevent stolen art being recovered.

Police don't investigate art crime at all so the private sector is left to try and fill in.

However, Police stiffle any recoveries of stolen art leaving all art lovers feeling short changed.

Anthony Amore is a good guy and desperately wants the Gardner Art back.

However, Anthony must take his directions from above and is prevented from acting in a transparent manner that would see the Gardner art recovered.

The reward was last reviewed in 1997 when it was increased from $1million to $5 million, so why not inject some incentive and double it to $10 million, especially as the odds of collecting the reward are remote to say the least because of all the traps laid.

Also, we hear the Gardner Museum has raised over $100 million for the new "car buncle on a much loved institution" addition and has over $200 million in the bank.

Why not make a splash, create headlines by offering public immunity and $10 million for the return of the Gardner ????

Why not publically declare a price list of reward for each individual stolen Gardner artwork ???

The Vermeer $5 million, Rembrandt big canvases $1 million each, etc, etc to a total of $10 million.

Then of course if any of these things were to be done it would really make sure the Gardner art comes home, but not on the terms of the FBI and Gardner Museum, which is why we have been waiting for 20 years.

First, the reward is offered by the Gardner Museum for all, i repeat all the stolen Gardner artworks being returned in good condition.

So, if one or two Gardner works were recovered would any reward not be paid, delayed, until all the Gardner art was recovered ??????

How can the Gardner art be in good condition, some were cut from the frames !!!!

These are just two little hooks laid to thwart any reward being collected and until these and other conditions are spelt out publically, no-one, with any sense is going to attempt to hand back
any Gardner art.

The time for acting like sycophants must be declared over and people must be free to say what they have been thinking all these years.

For 20 years it has been expected people suck up to the Gardner Museum without questioning the motives and reward offers made.

For the last few years the Gardner Museum has been paying Rocky over $50,000 a year for his efforts in recovering the Gardner art, without success I might add.

Many people have said the Gardner Museum would do better reading the Stolen Vermeer blog free of charge as they would learn more about the case than paying Rocky $50,000+ a year for junkets.

I want everybody to stand back and look at all those involved in trying to recover the stolen Gardner art, I defy anyone to distiguish between the supposed good guys and the supposed bad guys.

Truth is, the only way to recover the Gardner art is to give in and buy the bloody Gardner art back once and for all.

Until then we must endure the usual bullshit and vague immunity and reward offers that are not worth any paper they may be written on, can't even get it written down on paper for a start !!!!!!

Don't believe me, then hand back just one Gardner artwork and see yourself get arrested, indicted and convicted without any possibility of one dime, never mind $5 million, or $10 million as the reward should be.

One bright shining light in all of this mayhem is the fact Rebecca Dreyfus is going to be involved with the talk on the 15th March.

Hey Becca, don't be lured into being just another sycophant, ask the awkward questions, demand answers, get busy and throw down the gauntlet.

Harold Smith will be there in spirit.

Anthony, a quiet marking of 20 years you said, three radio shows later, bull shit number one.

The reward, total bullshit in its current form, a real number two.

Blimey, I feel so much better now, free to say bull shit when it appears, as it does frequently in the Gardner case.

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