Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Museum's Anthony Amore, An Apology !!

It is with deep regret Art Hostage has allowed himself to be affected by what will become known as "Gardner Syndrome"

This condition strikes around March every year and is even more infectious this year as 20 years since the Gardner Heist is marked.

They say March is time for the Hare's to go mad and this year Art Hostage has joined the fray.

First of all I must thank Anthony Amore for sticking with me and allowing me to offer this public apology to him for all the untruths I have expressed.

Whilst it is healthy to have differing opinions, it is unhelpful, especially as shown by Art Hostage, to express them in a nasty, vitriolic manner and does nothing for the common cause, that is recovering the Gardner art.

In regards to Rocky, I have never met him or even spoke to him, so to throw accusations at him as I have done is sheer juvenile, resentful, envy.

To Rocky, I am so sorry to have cast aspersions without foundation.

To the much maligned Charlie Hill, again sorry for casting aspersions.

The intention was to throw a few hand grenades into the ring hoping for a debate that calls for the Gardner art to be recovered without any pre-conditions, a firm, specific reward offer and also a firm immunity agreement offer, made public from the U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

As usual my attempt was ill-thought out and clumsy, to say the least.

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Anonymous said...

Respect Art Hostage for humilty and a little bit of integrity.
The whole issue of the Gardiner Museum loss has ben made into a political hot potatoe
Objective one is to identify and safely recover the artworks this protects the private rights and interests of the owner
Objective two is to identify the thieves and anyone who has handled the artworks illegally this protects the public rights of society
If objective one can be achieved but not objective two surely that should be pursued