Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, Arrest and Indictment Awaits Proof of Life, Let Alone Recovery !!!

The Düsseldorf Public Prosecutor brought charges against four men at the local court. Stake in art theft the Bankhaus Lampe in July 2008. The crooks captured artworks worth a million.

Works of art worth one million euros disappeared in July 2008 from the Bankhaus Lampe in Düsseldorf. Now four men are accused. Whether they will help in understanding, remains to be seen.

The public prosecutor's Office confirmed that she has raised two charges at the District Court. In one of three men are charged with: two lawyers, 54 and 61 years, will have offered help recover the pictures commissioned a 46-jährigen Bank.
EUR 300 000 would have to pay the Bank for the works of art to almost 9000 euro Anwaltsgebühr. Attempted extortion or instigating and favouring is called the public prosecutor's Office. The accused should have been meaning to help the people who commit to make their prey money.
Images against money
The second indictment accuses those stolen or stolen. He should be involved in the theft or otherwise - possibly through a third - party access to the valuable images have had, because he should have shown pictures of them.

His lawyer Torsten Timm is but sure that these charges can not be proven: "I have at the District Court the request, not only allow the charges." It deems the accusations against his colleagues also groundless: "doing this to help bring the pictures to the owner is not punishable."
Images against money - yet another defendant had offered. But when the 43-jährigen the Prosecutor is safe only bluffing, never had the images. He is accused of fraud. His process would have on 8. July begin to. But because the Defender has applied for further investigation, it was postponed. There's a new date yet.

Art Hostage Comments:

You see this is what happens when proof of life is given and then not followed up upon. Authorities then try to pressure the lawyers by arresting them and charging them as seen in the Da Vinci Madonna case.

Just like the Da Vinci Madonna case, these Lawyers will walk, but unlike the Da Vinci Madonna case, the stolen art has not been recovered.

So, forget about proof of life in the Gardner case, how about Proof of reward and full immunity.

Anyone stepping forward with information about the Gardner case at this time leaves themselves open to arrest, Grand Jury, abuse and without proof of reward, no reward.
Lawyers won't go near the Gardner case at this time because they know what lies beneath.

Just to add again, Art Hostage requires not one dime, repeat, not a single dime, of the alleged Gardner Museum reward offer of $5 million for the return of all, all the stolen Gardner Paintings, in good condition as well as the many other hidden conditions.

Still, we await the time when Proof of Reward and Proof of full immunity in the Gardner case can be offered publicly, so the Gardner art can finally go home.

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