Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, July 12, 2010

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Heist, Paris Heist, I Don't Like Mondays !!!!

Art Hostage has some news, well of a sort, can't give it all away just yet.

First of all it's "Brace Yourself" time again.

Excuse the French, no pun intended, "The Shit is about to hit the fan, big time"

All will become apparent in due course but there is a Cat and Mouse game going on here with certain parties waiting for Art Hostage to reveal too much, then they can use that excuse to harass Art Hostage again.

I will not play, well just a little then, he he !!!

Art Hostage has been called upon to give his advice on the current efforts being made in relation to the Gardner art and the Paris Heist.

First of all, Art Hostage wants not a dime, not a single cent of the $5 million reward offered in the Gardner case, which makes life a whole lot easier.

The Paris Heist is different, BRB are right in the middle of their active stuff, mustn't go into too much detail today, shh.

There is a Power Play going on in France at this time and two camps have emerged.

First camp are French political and they want to deal, release certain criminals early and drop charges against others and give lesser jail time in exchange for the Paris paintings to be returned.

This camp are supported by those who want the Gardner art to be included into the package and voices from America are getting louder. Still, the French connection to the Gardner art is a proxy and other entities need to agree. This may sound a little confusing, or Irish, because it is !!!

A little thing Robert Wittman left out of his book is Whitey Bulger's stay in France.

When the FBI proof read Bob's book they were more interested to see if Bob made any reference to Whitey Bulger, which was, and still is the main concern for the FBI.

The Nightmare scenario is about to become a reality regarding the Gardner case and the hidden secret is about to be revealed. All this time Law Enforcement and others have managed to suppress the Whitey Bulger secrets.

Funny how the Napoleon finial, given as a gift, presents appreciation, "you know who" loved it and cherished it. So, funny enough, the finial stolen from the Gardner Museum will prove to be the hardest thing to recover, funny old world !!!!

However, on the other side in the French battle to recover the Paris art and Gardner art, are Law Enforcement, BRB and others who want to be allowed to investigate as normal and try to sting the Paris art back and make further arrests, and also try to recover the Gardner art in that vain as well.

It is getting territorial and nasty, with both sides running to Politicians for support.

President Nickolas Sarkozy is on the deal-making side, not least as his ex-wife, Cecilia's stolen jewellery is on the menu to be recovered and that will give him less domestic grief.

The French Crime Minister wants no part of a hand back deal and is on the side of Law Enforcement and the BRB.

Hope to have good news soon, that is on the recovery side.

Art Hostage will take his lead from the French President, do the deal, or as Robert Wittman always said: "It's a done deal"

Next, yes, anyone giving information about the whereabouts of the Gardner Art will be required to testify to a Grand Jury about exactly what they know and how they came by the information that led to the recovery of the Gardner art. Yes also to the fact any taking of the Fifth Amendment is null and void before the Grand Jury and they will be expected to testify against those who may have been handling the Gardner art.

The current negotiations have been relayed to Art Hostage via Underworld contacts, "Top of the morning" and "Bonjour" and Art Hostage has been truthful throughout.

The link of course is idealistic Republican aspirations and cigarette smuggling.

The revolving door of art theft is going on as before with the Bob Wittman recoveries of the two Picasso's and the group involving Bernard Ternus coming back, and the Picasso, Matisse and Gardner art outstanding.

In the UK, things are not so large, a Group of Miniature situations is developing.

Closer to home, Art Hostage is still waiting for the next unwarranted visit to harass and annoy.

Lots more to follow as the week progresses..........................

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