Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, Charles Vincent Sabba, Patrick Nee, Blessed Be The Peacemakers

Did Whitey Bulger just drop William Youngworth's name to the Feds as a past possessor of the stolen Gardner artworks?

Did Whitey Bulger just drop William Youngworth's name to the Feds as a past possessor of the stolen Gardner artworks? Obviously immunity is completely out of the question for Bulger who is facing multiple homicide charges, so even if he could (and he cannot!) negotiate the artworks return it would not benefit him one bit. But he must know something about America's most tragic cultural loss. We are Gardner Gossips hear from the street that Whitey is whispering about who was involved. Here is what Billy Youngworth has to say:

"And its strike three-They finally had to haul Whitey in and “No Art”. How sad for the Gardner. Maybe you're still holding out hope. Sometimes its all you have. I bet the “world’s biggest crime scene” attraction is even petering out. The original racketeering indictment against Whitey has been dismissed so we won’t have to go through 30 years of dirty laundry. How convenient! What still dumbfounds me is you had it (the art works) all in your hands. This all could have ended where everyone walked away happy and now its an investigative text book on failure. The are even going to that ass clown who wrote that silly Gardner book as an authority here. Face it-its all gone, gone, gone! If there ever is an ending it won’t make a bit of difference to anyone around now. After I’m gone come see my son and explain to him why he had to grow up without his mother then maybe he’ll tell you something I’ll pass onto to him. But for right now, save it. I can’t help you anymore. "

William P. Youngworth, III

Myles Connor: New England's most notorious art thief

Charles Vincent Sabba says: "The last time I saw Myles, we spent a nice day together in his hometown of Blackstone, Massachussetts. We ate Thai food and he fascinated me with his stories, which I had recently read in his book. It was nice hearing them first hand. Myles invited me into his home and showed me some of his antique Samurai sword collection. Alot of people believe I should hate Myles because he caused alot of problems for the police over the years (he broke out of jail, he shot a cop, he admits to pulling off over 20 art heists, he blew up a house in Mexico, to name a few). "A very famous and genuine master of martial arts (Bagua Quan to be precise, a version of an original Daoist Temple martial art that retained its temple standard in the modern era) stated that there exists a code of ethics based on respect for mastery; an appreciation for, and recognition of, the discipline it has taken, regardless whether one is on the side of good or evil, to reach a command of awareness and control. I respect Myle's grasp of beauty and art and his deep understanding of art and beauty. Many good citizens, the butcher, baker and candlestick maker could give two sheisse about art and beauty. And, Myles knows how to use those Samurai swords with expertise! So, if he shows me respect I show him respect.

Funny thing is, I don't think his lawyer, Marty Leppo , approved of me and didn't trust me because I was a cop. I think this is hillarious! Think of the irony of a defense lawyer who defended many, many mob guys and, and helped some beat their charges, saying you can't trust a cop. I hope you have a sense of humor Marty, I'm just joking ;-) One problem was my friendship with Youngworth. You see, Billy and Myles once were very close friends (in fact, I think Myles taught him Japanese Karate when he was only 16 years old). Billy claims he was the one who stole the Rembrandt from the Boston MFA on Myle's behest (the Rembrandt that Myles used to negotiate a lighter sentence back in the day). A kid with a pair of sneakers doing a sort of daytime smash-and-grab worth big denaro. I would love to see them actually become friends again, but I guess I can be to positive some times (they had a BIIIG falling out)."

The Feds offered Myles full immunity to talk about the Gardner Heist last year and they boasted the fact that he had nothing to say. But, one catch they didn't add to the news story is that along with granted immunity one would have to reveal everything he knew about the heist, including involved persons. Guys like Myles Connor don't talk. He would never, never accept immunity if he had to drop names of past friends or acquaintances. Note that at the end of his book, he thanks many people, including Mr. Patrick Nee. Mr. Patrick Nee is a big shot in Boston and was the leader of the Mullins (and he would be more valuable in tracking Gardner artworks then Whitey Bulger could ever be). Connor, who knows big people, and believes enough in his outlaw code to boast about his outlaw life in a book, would never, never talk. So the offer of immunity was a feeble attempt.

Art Hostage Comments:

Whilst others have wained and dissmissed William Youngworth, Art Hostage has always had faith that William Youngworth can help recover the Gardner art.

It would come as no surprise to learn Whitey Bulger has named William Youngworth as someone who had access to the Gardner art.

Above all else and cutting to the chase, the one person who stands tall above all else in the whole Gardner art debacle is Mr Patrick Nee, the one person who commands respect from all quarters and still retains the gratitude of the Irish Republican Movemant in Ireland from the soldiers right up to the leadership of the IRA and Sinn Fein.
Patrick Nee has always been the number one Boston guy to brocker a deal for the Gardner art.

"Pat Nee would lay down his life for Irish freedom"
Martin Ferris Senior Sinn Fein Politician

"Paddy Nee stood tall as others fell by the wayside when it comes to the Irish Struggle" Gerry Adams Sinn Fein President

"Pat Nee is one of the few who I would have welcomed into the IRA South Armagh Brigade"
Thomas Slab Murphy IRA Chief of Staff

"An ocean away did not stop Patrick Nee from waging his own war for Irish freedom" Bobby Storey IRA Intelligence Chief

Memo to William Youngworth and Myles Connors:

The Irish ended the war with a peace deal and they put bitter differences behind them for the greater good.

In a similar vain Art Hostage extends an Olive branch to William Youngworth and Myles Connor to end their dispute and begin the negociating process that will see a peace deal agreed.

I am certain Charles Vincent Sabba is ready to brocker the deal and allows both William Youngworth and Myles Connor to agree to a ceasefire followed by a signed peace deal.

Charles Vincent Sabba also stands ready to bridge the divide between the Gardner Museum and those who can help recover the Gardner art.

Charles Vincent Sabba is depicting the Gardner Art Heist on canvas, recording the Gossip that has followed the Gardner case since 1990, see link to keep up with devlopments:

Charles Vincent Sabba, Patrick Nee Blessed be the Peacemakers !!!

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It all seems very silly.

If any of you had any information that would lead to the paintings, you would have disclosed it long ago -- or obtained the paintings.