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Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, July 11, 2011

Stolen Art Watch, Joe LaFratta jr. Balls of Steel, Names Mark Rossetti as Whitey Bulger-esque FBI Informant !!

Mafioso Mark Rossetti arraigned in court

LYNN (FOX 25 / - In Lynn District Court, Essex county prosecutor John Dawley confirmed what FOX Undercover has already reported. Law enforcement believes Mark Rossetti is a captain In the Italian mob.

Rossetti currently holds the rank of capo in la cosa nostra. He has been a member of the Boston mafia and that arm for more than 20 years.

The prosecutor says Rossetti used his position in the mafia to help run a heroin ring.

FOX Undercover was there when a handcuffed Rossetti was brought into the state police barracks in Danvers Thursday. The culmination of a months-long investigation.

Rossetti is charged with trafficking heroin. The prosecutor says Rossetti brought a heroin supplier and a drug dealer together in the driveway of Rossetti’s East Boston home.

That's where state police arrested Rossetti and some of his five co-defendants. Rossetti’s clout with the mafia was clear last fall when we recorded this exclusive video at rosette’s mother's wake in East Boston.

The men believed to run the mafia in New England gathered to pay their respects.

There was Peter Limone, the boss of the New England mob, and Bobby Deluca, the underboss, up from Providence, R.I.

Rossetti’s attorney says her client is severely disabled with arthritis and surviving only on a social security benefit.

She said police didn't find drugs or other evidence at his house and questioned whether he was the kingpin prosecutors made him out to be.

FOX Undercover obtained Rossetti’s criminal record and it's long. It dates back to the 1970s and includes convictions for armed assault with intent to kill and multiple firearms charges.

The judge cited Rossetti’s record when he ordered him held on $250,000 cash bail.

Boston Mafia Capo turned rat | The Next Whitey Bulger | FBI up to its old tricks

Joe LaFratta jr says: "Word on the street is that a Boston Mafia Capo (MARK ROSSETTI) has been a top echelon informant for the FBI for the past 10 years"

It would seem that the FBI is up to its old tricks. This guy was selling heroin out of his mother's house, extorting people, robbing drug dealers and is a suspect on multiple murders all while working with the Government.

I thought all of those Congressional hearing on informat procedures and the new guidelines were supposed to curtail this kind of thing. Then again I bet the FBI just doesn't care about "laws" and "rules". Those things have NEVER applied to them.

I guess they don't care about the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been paid out by the Government to all of the men they wrongfully convicted and the family's of victims of their informants. And why should they? It is all coming out of your pocket, the American tax payer, not theirs.

The Mass State Police arrested this guy for selling heroin last year along with a bunch of hispanic males. The Mass State Police have a long history of going up against FBI informants like this going back to Whitey Bulger. The Mass State Police actually want to charge people for committing crimes, unlike the FBI. The FBI don't care if you commit crimes as long as you work for them. Even murder is acceptable.

This case is going to get uglier and uglier as it goes on but remember you heard it here first MARK ROSSETTI is a RAT and has been working with the FED's for YEARS.

LET THE FUN BEGIN. Joe LaFratta jr


Joe LaFratta said...

Thanks for the re-post. This news will be all over the media soon. Please keep your eye out. This guy is going to be big trouble for the FBI. THE PUBLIC SHOULD BE OUTRAGED.

Anonymous said...

stupid reporting... you know nothing about mdr or this situation - slanderous, speculative and irresponsible comments

tired said...

Without organized crime, we are left with disorganized crime. Be careful what you wish for.

tired said...

Be very careful what you wish for. You can have organized crime or disorganized crime. Those are the options.

Anonymous said...


Joe LaFratta said...

Who the hell said I was a journalist? This has nothing to do with my book. There is a hearing on August 1st to release the informants name. You will see soon enough. As far as you being embarressed, WHO CARES?

Joe LaFratta said...

Well now what do all of you nay sayers have to say now. Did you happen to pick up the Boston Globe today. YOUR FRIEND MARK ROSSETTI IS A RAT.....

Anonymous said...

Good job on reporting the truth and yes I am outraged . You can't trust the gov, I'm a working stiff and I was threated with jail time by FBI . I was called in as a witness in fed court but I didn't know anything I just worked with guys who they were after. And because I couldn't help them honestly an agent told me and I quote" I' ll have you in an Orange jump suit by 3:00 if you don't start playing ball. " now keep in mind they told me going in that I didn't need a lawyer that I was a witness. I was a tunnel worker Lu # 88 and I worked with guys they wanted. That's all ! They Were going to try and ruin my life so they could grab a big headline. And yet they protect murders and drug dealers. I thought they were on our side. Modern day gastapo. Without the long leather jackets.

Anonymous said...

Do you still think that was slanderous? It's common knowledge that he was a rat now. Who should be embarrassed?