Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Monday, February 25, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Vermeer Deal, Focus on Abu Dhabi, Update, !!

Breaking news

Art Hostage has learnt that Vermeer's "The Concert" stolen from the Gardner Museum Boston, may have been offered to a Middle man in Abu Dhabi, second largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi middleman has been trying to check out how much the Vermeer is worth.

Apparently, there is frustration in Ireland at authorities not taking "Yes" for an answer and it is fast becoming time to cash in any Irish interest in the stolen Gardner Vermeer.

Whether Prince Waleed is the end buyer remains to be seen, but this could be another opportunity for FBI Icon Robert Wittman to don his Arab robes, before descending on the United Arab Emirates, to assume the role of hero once again.

Are there any Catholic Church Confession boxes in Abu Dhabi ??

If not then Dubai may be better for the hand-over.

U'm, did you know that the reclaimed islands off Dubai, Palm Island and the World, site of luxury homes, houses many stolen artifacts, away from the prying eyes of law enforcement in Europe and America. Home to many stolen artworks from Europe, America and Asia.

Promo below:

Upon another, much more important note, Bob Wittman, as he races to Abu Dhabi, has just received a text from Mrs Wittman concerning his dinner.

Reads: "Bob, your dinner's in the Dog !!"

To be continued........

The pursuit of the Vermeer, not Bob's dinner !!


Art Hostage has news hot off the press !!

As FBI Icon Robert Wittman arrived in the United Arab Emirates he had some time to kill awaiting further news on the Vermeer being offered to an Abu Dhabi middleman.

Unlike the Palestinians, who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, FBI Icon Robert Wittman, on the advice of Art Hostage, took a stroll down to the Sharjah Port, Sharjah, where he recovered 23 smuggled items and uncovered a smuggling network that stretches from Turkey to the United States of America via Switzerland.

This has been confirmed by the story linked below:

Next stop is the Palm Island and World off-shore resorts to bust some high profile millionaires and Billionaires who have been collecting stolen artworks.

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