Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Lawyers to the Global Underworld, Comeskey, Cutler, Liebrucks and Dane-Geld !!

Bruce Cutler above left, represents Underworld mafia figures in America, while Chris Comeskey, above represents Underworld mafia figueres in New Zealand.

Common denominator, representing underworld figures is not good for the hairline !!
Career criminal said to be behind medals theft

Sunday February 24, 2008

By Stephen Cook
A notorious criminal with nearly 100 convictions is understood to have masterminded the theft of the New Zealand war medals from behind bars.

The former gang member - with a criminal history dating back to the late 1960s - is serving several years on methamphetamine-related charges, and is widely regarded as one of the godfathers of the underworld.

He appeared in court last week on a number of violence-related charges. He had been eligible for parole earlier this year, but his application was declined and he remains behind bars.

Sources have confirmed the man was in regular contact, from Auckland's Mt Eden Prison, with another suspect in the case so the pair could collect the reward.

The officer leading the hunt for the thieves, Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Bensemann, could not be reached for comment last night.

The Herald on Sunday is legally prevented from naming the man because it could lead to the identification of the man's accomplice - another career criminal with more than 130 convictions - who has name suppression.

However, the newspaper is preparing to release its information to police.

Sources said police already knew the identity of the two men and were "hot on their trail" but could have difficulty gathering sufficient evidence to pin the men to the crime.

In October, the second of the men, who can be referred to only as "W", offered to repatriate a Goldie painting and other artefacts stolen from the University of Auckland in return for a lesser sentence on fraud charges.

Police then arranged for minor charges against the man to be dropped in exchange for the return of the 1920s painting Planning Revenge, a copy of the Oxford Lectern Bible and a set of seven Colin McCahon poems stolen from the university.

They were stolen from its library during the 2005 Christmas holidays and a $20,000 reward was put up by the London insurers of the painting, through investigators GAB Robins.

Auckland lawyer Chris Comeskey, who arranged the deal for the return of the medals, also brokered the Goldie deal, but it is unclear whether any reward was paid out.

Six weeks after arranging for the exchange to take place, "W", working closely with his accomplice, is suspected of breaking into the Waiouru Army Museum and stealing the war medals. Three days later "W" was back in court on fraud charges and taken into custody, where he has remained since.

Some reports have suggested that while in Mt Eden Prison, "W" was in contact with leading gang figure Daniel William Crichton, who last week claimed he received a bail-for-medals deal from police after negotiating with the thieves.

Comeskey would not comment on this, but sources close to the case rubbished that theory, saying Crichton had no involvement in the return of the medals.

"He's clearly embellishing his role in the whole thing," a source said. "Chris was the first person to find out about this." Another source said Comeskey had been negotiating for the return of the medals days after they were stolen and Crichton was trying to use the medals as a way of getting a reduction in his sentence on serious drugs charges.

Last week, Comeskey told the Herald on Sunday he had used his contacts in the criminal underworld to locate the medals. He also spoke of the day the medals were returned, and what it meant to him. "Holding the Upham medal in my hand, knowing what it signified, was something else." He clarified a line in last week's Herald on Sunday, saying he was "as nervous as the day my kids were born".

He did not want to discuss the role of "W" or his accomplice, saying he was tired of the matter.

"W" was eventually sentenced this month to 27 months' jail on the fraud charges, with the case's judge criticising the man's attempts to lessen his sentence by arranging for the return of the Goldie and other artefacts.
Art Hostage comments:

What is the common denominator in all these stolen art recoveries ?

The Lawyers, some who can walk the legal tightrope and others like the Da Vinci Madonna lawyers who fall on their swords.

In Britain there have been some high value stolen art recoveries that have been orchestrated by a senior Global Godfather in return for favours, early retirement.

Furthermore, there have been some very, very significant drug busts over recent months costing several drug gangs millions and also some gangs have been arrested, effectively taken out of the equation. People traffikers, money launders, fraudsters, art burglar gangs, all fallen like dominoes.

The successes by Law Enforcement in recovering high value stolen art, Da Vinci Madonna included, and also the disruption of major international drug syndicates is a result of one very, very senior Global Underworld source.

Such has been the success, both S.O.C.A. (Serious Organised Crime Agency) and New Scotland Yard have been at each others throats for the services of this top echelon Global Godfather.

Why, both New Scotland Yard and S.O.C.A. have been lobbying Jackie Smith to appoint one or other to handle the Global Godfather, currently it is S.O.C.A. with New Scotland Yard being given a little taste.

Even the security services MI5/MI6 are involved, they have got a sniff about a possible link to terrorists via the drugs trade and want to run with it exclusively without S.O.C.A.

With a once in a lifetime opportunity to utilise an elder statesman Global Godfather figure, lets see how they fare. I bet that who-ever loses out will accidentially, on purpose, leak the Global Godfathers identity with the attitude of "If we can't have him, no-one can"

Then we will see this happen again, linked below:

If they can't get the target, family is next best.
Family used to be a "No, no" not anymore !!
Interestingly, the Dublin/Limerick drug gangs have suffered more than most recently, ironically, with inside information gathered from the Global Godfather.

The gangs are already asking questions and there is one name that keeps coming up, see the article below for more, although it does not name the suspected Global Godfather. Word on the street is ***** *****

Furthermore, the Global Godfather has opened a door for a top undercover agent to assume a long term role, even working his/her way up the chain, to assume a place at the top table of the Global Underworld, before dismantling the network from within.
Well 2008 is the Chinese year of the Rat !!

Within this world of deals and double cross would the return of the Vermeer be such a tough thing to do ?

I mean, its just one bloody painting that just by chance happens to be the most coverted stolen artwork in the world, followed closely by Rembrandts Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

Art Hostage promises not to ask for any other stolen artwork to be handed back if the Vermeer can appear in a Catholic Church confession box.

Upon another note, expect some good news from Zurich, Switzerland via Germany about the safe return of the two Picasso's followed by the Cezanne and Degas, brokered by Edgar Liebrucks, above, yes you've guessed it, another Lawyer representing another Godfather, Serbian Stevo V.

O'h what webs they weave !!

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