Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stolen Art Watch, Picasso Deux, Pinched for the Prince !! Updated !!

Two Picasso paintings stolen from Swiss exhibition, police say

PFAEFFIKON, Switzerland: Two Pablo Picasso paintings worth millions of dollars (euros) were reported stolen from a Swiss exhibition of works by the Spanish painter, police said Thursday.

The paintings were stolen Wednesday evening after closing time at the Seedamm-Kulturzentrum in the small town of Pfaeffikon, near Zurich. Police have yet to catch the culprits, they said in a statement.

It was unclear how the burglars entered the culture center, but they set off a security alarm when leaving the building. Police said they are investigating whether the burglars locked themselves in the building before it closed.

The two oil paintings, "Tete de cheval" ("Head of horse") of 1962 and Verre et pichet ("Glass and pitcher") of 1944, were on loan from the Sprengel Museum in Hannover, Germany, police said.

The German museum has promised an award for those assisting in the arrest of the burglars and recovery of the paintings. The Sprengel declined to say how much the award was worth.

The Swiss exhibition is made up entirely of works loaned to the museum. It includes 20 original Picasso paintings and 170 other works by him, including etchings, linoleum cuts and prints.

Art Hostage comments:

Prince Al-Waleed by proxy ?

Balkan Bandits Burgled Booty !!

Local criminals taking advantage of low security in this rural small town ?

One thing is apparent, if these two Picasso's reach the Global Underworld then the end buyer will be none other than Prince Waleed.

Why, well for a start he has a villa in Switzerland, second he can send them to Saudi Arabia as Picasso in Saudi Arabia is something of a staus symbol.

Why on earth some Saudi Arabian billionaires would want anything to do with stolen art is beyond me, status symbol or not ?

However, Stendhal syndrome could be the answer, see link below:

A kind of Billionaires way of getting his or her "Rocks off"

Bloody inconvenient for the rest of us though !!

Update !!!
The Prince Waleed shopping list includes a Van Gogh and Cezanne that will be next to be targeted and stolen in an armed raid coming shortly, Balkan Bandits are preparing as we speak so "Brace yourself"

It must be said however, Prince Waleed does keep some of his vast stolen art collection on his luxury Private converted airliner and 282ft Yacht called Kingdom 5KR.

Already an owner of a Boeing 747 jet converted to private use, at the 2007 Dubai Air Show Al-Walid was confirmed by Airbus to be the prospective owner of the first private Airbus A380, the world's largest aircraft.

Bob, Check designs at Boeing for secret compartments to stash stolen artworks and contraband.

So, if FBI Icon Robert Wittman would like to check out both the Al-Waleed planes and boats I am certain a number of high value stolen artworks will be recovered.

The original designs for the Kingdom 5KR Yacht will reveal a secret room built for secret meetings by the previous owners, now used by Prince Al-Waleed for his personal stolen art collection and also used to import and export contraband from country to country.

Please read the role call of Billionaire Prince Al-Waleed and ask youself why does this man need to deprive the masses from viewing iconic works of art ??

Memo to Prince Al-Waleed

Prince Al-Waleed, why don't you set yourself up as the Hero and declare you are going to recover some of the worlds most wanted stolen art ?

Then you can hand back your stolen art collection and scoop up other stolen art before being declared the saviour of the global art loving public.

Think of the prestige you will recieve for this selfless act.

From Stolen Art Collector to Stolen Art Slueth, Prince Al-Waleed can redeem himself.

"To have once been a criminal is no disgrace, to remain a criminal is the disgrace"

If I were a (Mega) Rich Man I would use my wealth to recover stolen art, not only collect fine art for my ego and own cultural enrichment, it sounds better with music below:

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