Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, "Creative" Carmen Milagros Ortiz Tackles Financial Fraud, Whitey Bulger and Financial Reward !!!

Art Hostage Comments:

“I’m very down to earth, I’m very genuine, I’m very sincere, and I’m very direct,”
(New U.S. Attorney Massachusetts, Carmen Milagros Ortiz 3rd December 2009)

Art Hostage has some down to earth, genuine, sincere and direct things to offer that will see Whitey Bulger in custody (Dead or Alive !!) and the return of the Stolen Gardner art.

A big welcome to Carmen Ortiz and Art Hostage commends the new U.S. Attorney for the forthright manner in which she has set out her stall.

"Financial Fraud, Financial Reward" should be be the new mantra and in that spirit the current reward for the capture of Whitey Bulger should be increased to $10 million along with the current reward offer for the recovery of the Gardner art, $5 million, should also be increased to $10 million in a down to earth, genuine, sincere, and direct manner, to coincide with the 20 years commemoration of the tragic theft next March 18th 2010.

What would this achieve, well, $10 million for the return of the stolen Gardner art and immunity from prosecution in a down to earth, genuine, sincere and direct manner would certainly bring those who control the Gardner art to the table.

Sadly, until now, those who really control the Gardner art have not believed for one minute the current reward offer of $5 million for the return of all Gardner paintings in Good Condition, or the alleged offer of immunity.
Remember two paintings were cut from their frames so the condition they were in straight after the Gardner Heist in 1990 was less than Good Condition.

Art Hostage has tried to convince certain parties and has been met with scepticism, and on certain occasions ridicule.

Below is the latest statement to come out of the Underworld, or from the guys controlling the Gardner art.

"Until the reward offer is specific, no conditions, and demonstrated to exist in an escrow account, along with an immunity agreement from any prosecution in regards returning the stolen Gardner art, no-one is going to put their head up above the parapet"

We must not forget those who control the some of the Gardner art may not be conventional criminals, they could have been students at the time of the Gardner Heist March 1990 and the fear-factor has prevented them stepping forward to return the Gardner art ever since.

If they knew of a previous approach to the Gardner museum was followed by that approach being passed straight to the FBI then that fact may have spooked them ever since and it is only when the conditions are presented publicly of no arrests, no prosecutions, and the reward sitting in an Escrow account, to be paid in full once the Gardner art has been recovered, will they make contact again.

Also, an important point made by the Underworld is how much would be paid if only one or two stolen Gardner artworks were to be returned ???

The answer to this problem is a tariff of exactly how much each stolen Gardner artwork would command in reward money, for example:

Vermeer The Concert 50% of the reward,

Rembrandt Storm on the Sea 20% of the reward

Rembrandt Lady and Gentleman in Black, 10%
Rembrandt Self Portrait 7.5%

Manet Chez Tortini 7.5%
Flink, 5 Degas drawings, Eagle and Ku vase 5%

Doubling the Gardner art reward to $10 million would mean each Gardner artwork is worth as follows:

Vermeer The Concert $5 million reward

Rembrandt Storm on the Sea $2 million reward

Rembrandt Lady and Gentleman in Black $1 million

Rembrandt Self Portrait $750,000

Manet Chez Tortini $750,000

Flink, 5 drawings Eagel and Ku vase $500,000

This is an example of a "creative" approach that will smoke out the elusive Gardner art.

Now moving onto Whitey Bulger.

Carmen Ortiz has said she is looking for "Creative" ways to capture Whitey Bulger.

Well, for Art Hostage to be down to earth, genuine, sincere and direct, raise the reward to $10 million and Whitey Bulger will appear just like that.

That is the word from the Underworld.
The past is just that, the past !!
Art Hostage would like to say these comments are not intended as a slur on anyone or any disrespect to anyone, Art Hostage is just trying to reach out and solve both the Gardner case and the Whitey Bulger surrender.

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