Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Friday, December 25, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Gardner Art Heist, Warning From Ireland to Boston, "Ra" Are Watching !!!

Whitey Bulger Associate Victim Of Hit-Run

Paul Moore Found Dead In Quincy Snowbank

The man found dead in a Quincy snowbank on Thursday morning is a former mob lieutenant and associate of James “Whitey” Bulger, the Boston Herald reported.

Paul “Polecat” Moore, 63, of Milton, was a one-time member of Bulger's South Boston gang. His body was discovered on Robertson Road at 7 a.m. by a passer-by.

It appeared he had been hit by a vehicle, police said.

"Quincy police does have evidence on hand from the scene, and they are progressing with that investigation. We have had motor vehicle homicide prosecutors on the scene and assisting Quincy police," Norfolk County District Attorney William Keating said.

Moore turned a government witness against Bulger after Moore's arrest in 1990 on drug charges. He asked Bulger to take care of his wife and children. Bulger did not, so Moore testified against him, the newspaper reported.

“Paul Moore was one of the toughest guys that ever came out of South Boston,” former state Sen. Joseph Timilty told the newspaper.

Timilty, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud in 1993, became friends with Moore in prison.

Timilty said Moore had been working as a longshoreman on the docks in South Boston.

Bulger, who is on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List, has been a fugitive for more than a decade.

Correction: Wrong man ID’d as hit-and-run victim

An article that appeared online and on page 8 of the print edition yesterday about a hit-and-run death in Quincy misidentified the man who was killed. He is Paul F. Moore, 63, of Milton.

Mr. Moore’s family has asked for privacy at this difficult time.

The Herald deeply regrets the error and pain caused to the Moore family.

In the same article, the Herald incorrectly reported that Paul E. “Polecat” Moore, 60, a former associate of James J. “Whitey” Bulger, was the man killed in the hit-and-run.

According to Paul E. “Polecat” Moore’s brother, who asked that his name be withheld, Paul “Polecat” Moore is living in Dorchester.

Art Hostage Comments:

Paul "Bobcat" Moore who is alive and living in Dorchester was about to break rank and give the vital information that would have led to the stolen Gardner art still in the Boston area being recovered.

The Irish Republicans who control the stolen Gardner art responded in time honoured fashion and sent a warning to anyone trying to offer back the Gardner art without the authority of Irish Republicans.

This is taking on a chilling similarity to the events in the new David Hosp book Among Thieves, due out in January 2010.

They boys from the "Ra" are back in Boston and they want to secure the stolen Gardner art, who ????

Representatives of the Irish Republican movement have sent operatives to Boston to secure the stolen Gardner art.
Behind the public face is the man who controls the stolen Gardner art.

I am confident that some stolen Gardner art will be recovered before March 2010, I just hope it can be done without any collateral damage.

Whitey Bulger, expect breaking news very soon.

More to Follow.....................................
Bobcat lives, "Ra" warning acknowledged.

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