Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Stolen Art Watch, Whitey Bulger Located on French Territory, Death Penalty Extradition Dilema Faces Carmen Ortiz !!!

Whitey Bulger Located,
Pieces of Eight, Pieces of Eight !!!!!

Art Hostage can now reveal Whitey Bulger has been located to France or French Territory and because of this fact U.S. Authorities are facing a dilemma.

If they make a move and have Whitey Bulger arrested, then extradition will be impossible, not least because of the death penalty Whitey Bulger faces in Boston.

However, if Whitey Bulger has the death penalty lifted then that in itself could cause political embarrassment to Authorities in Boston.

Carmen Ortiz has been briefed on this dilemma and the "Creative" remark she made today at her first press conference refers to the secret plan to tempt Whitey Bulger off French Territory so any arrest can be quickly resolved, especially if Whitey Bulger is arrested in the UK, then Whitey Bulger would be swiftly taken back to the U.S. secretly.

It has been discussed at very high levels about the possibility of secretly kidnapping Whitey Bulger and flying him straight to the U.S. without informing the local authorities.

Discussions have also taken place about Whitey Bulger surrendering and the reward money being paid, the figure of $10 million has been mentioned and the Bulger family back in Boston are holding out their shovel size hands for their pay off.

More to follow............................................................

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Anonymous said...

Massachusetts does not have the death penalty and doubt their would be a federal one for him.

He is dead and so is his girlfriend...ya think she would have called home by now!