Vermeer's The Concert

Vermeer's The Concert

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stolen Art Watch, Dinosaurs Extinct, it was the Johnson's, Global Warming, it was the Johnson's, Dilatory, Incompetent Police, Blame the Johnson's !!

Men on Ramsbury Manor raid charge in court

Five men accused concocting an elaborate plot to burgle luxury country estates - including a multi-million pound raid on the home of one of Britain's richest men - yesterday stood before a judge to deny the offences.

Ricky, Albi and Richard "Chad" Johnson, along with Daniel O'Loughlin and Michael Nicholls all pleaded not guilty to one charge of conspiracy to burgle.

Chad Johnson, aged 32 years, and 31-year-old O'Loughlin also denied handling stolen goods.

The two counts heard at Reading Crown Court related to an alleged conspiracy for a crime spree across five counties where country mansions would be stripped of antiques and jewellery.

One of the properties raided was Ramsbury Manor in Wiltshire owned by property tycoon Harry Hyams.

It is thought that more than 20 million pounds worth of antiques were stolen, including a 17th Century clock worth one million pounds alone.

Mr Hyams is listed 155th on the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated fortune of £320 million pounds.

He was responsible for building one of London's most distinctive buildings, Centrepoint.

All five defendants sat in the dock flanked by four security guards with two police officers in the court room. They spoke only to enter their pleas and instruct their defence teams.

Ricky Johnson, aged 52 years, Chad Johnson and Daniel O'Loughlin also face charges relating to a burglary at Waddesdon Manor, Bucks., which was owned by the Rothschild family and then bequeathed to the National Trust.

None of the defendants entered their pleas although the trial was listed to start on November 26.

Judge Christopher Critchlow told them: "This is a serious case and it demands an awful lot of work."

Prosecutor Paul Reid said that there would be 14 witnesses for the November trial which was expected to last for two weeks.

The five defendants will face the trial for conspiracy on January 7 and it is thought it will last up to five weeks.

Ricky Johnson, of Cirencester Road, Cowley, and 25-year-old Albi Johnson of St Pauls Way, Cheltenham, Glos., were released on bail.

Chad Johnson, O'Loughlin and 28-year-old Nicholls, all of Evesham Road, Cleeve Prior, Cheltenham, were remanded in custody.

Art Hostage comments:

So, the prosecution has 14 witnesses, will any of them be giving "Sewer Rat" Supergrass evidence ??

What other evidence has the prosecution got other than circumstantial and "Sewer Rat, Supergrass ??"

Has any property been recovered, bet there is none to speak of, other than the broken pieces found by Police that came from Ramsbury Manor.

The Gold boxes stolen from Lord Rothschild's Waddesdon Manor remain outstanding and it is rumoured that the valuation is only around £3 million for the whole collection.

However, this is just a fraction of their true value.

The true value would be something like £50 million trade and £100+ million retail, why so much, because the Rothschild collection of gold boxes is the finest in the world, including the collection held in the Louvre museum in Paris.

Remember there were over 100 gold boxes stolen, each one has a value of £500,000, many are worth millions, wonder why the value has been put so low ??

Perhaps it is to keep any reward offered, £50,000 in the Waddesdon Manor gold boxes case, to a bear minimum.

I don't agree with undervaluing stolen art.

The rewards that are offered are impossible to collect and only available to ex-Art Police investigators, so why not offer millions as a reward, it will not be paid in any case.

The two upcoming trials will be interesting to watch, not least because it is intended to revive the use of "Supergrasses, Sewer Rats"

Without any other primary evidence the reliance on Supergrass, Sewer Rat testimony is fraught with danger as seen in the past.

This revival of the Supergrass, Sewer Rat does not show Police are cunning and competent, it shows Police are dilatory, lazy and unable to bring charges on their own merit.

There is a case going on in Ireland, the main evidence is Supergrass testimony, already one defendant has been acquitted, the reason, the supergrass gave evidence of hearing voices in his head, a ploy to try and get the accused acquitted, whilst still retaining the perks of becoming a supergrass.

I wonder if, when the Sewer Rat, Supergrass gets into the witness box at these two trials, they say they have heard voices in their head, and it has all been a terrible mistake, the Police told the supergrass what to say, the Police are so desperate to get a conviction on these high profile Art thefts, they have rushed to charge innocent men, on tainted testimony from a tainted, soon to suffer from memory loss, supergrass, Sewer Rat.

Whether these men are guilty or not is not the issue.

The issue is whether there is enough credible evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt.

I am sure the defence lawyers have been asked to research every Supergrass trial, and subsequent appeal, to show a pattern of acquittals when the primary evidence is Supergrass, Sewer Rat testimony.
I am sure there will be comments over at Ruthie's Law about the use of Supergrass, Sewer Rat testimony, especially if all the other evidence is circumstantial.
To be continued...............


anthony said...

Love the graphic my friend. All best regards, Anthony

victims said...

This is a comment from Bonnie Johnson,Ricky Johnsons daughter, Chads and albis sister, Danny o'loughlins cousin and sister in law to Michael Nicholls. Im commenting on the supergrass, sewer rats and the way that the courts rely on them and the way that the police are using innocent people as scape goats like my brothers and my father. They have now been convicted of some of these crimes and are still suffering because the police have put it up to superiours that they are the perpertrators. My father has been convicted simply for knocking on a door and for being a father to the other so called conspirators of these high value burglaries with high value of insurance payouts. My brother Chad has been convicted because he was seen stood infront of a car 3 days after a burglary and association with his co accused which is his brother, father,cousin and brother in law. Since when has associating with your own family been a crime? Inless your a Johnson. My dad has been given 8 years for being a father. My other brother Albi has been convicted because he had 2 broken legs. I could go on all night long but I need someone to help me as my father and brothers are innocently suffering at the hands of the government, being shifted around like pieces of meat where they are being targeted by somebody with influence to make their time in prison a misery. Example: out of the whole of Bullingdon Prison the 960 or so prisoners, only my 5 family members were selected to go to a prison where you only visit by plane or boat when it was hard enough for us to get to Bullingdon Prison. If anyone has any questions or comments or could even help me in any way because we are determined to prove their innocence and get them home. Were starting with detective chief inspector Flannery who loves super grass sewer rats and pays them with money that they feed their habit with. HEROIN.

Art Hostage said...

Bonnie, if I can be of help then please contact me at

it will be better to communicate off blog in private.

Upon another note, when members of the McCarthy/Dundon clans were sentenced to life in Limerick, they remarked as they were being led from the dock:

"For every Action there is a Re-action !!"

Also, "He who laughs last, laughs longest"

The final laugh has not been heard by a long shot in this case !!

Anonymous said...

The Equality Of Arms In "Jespers Vs Belgium"

The Commission upholds that the "Equalitiy Of Arms" priciple imposes on the prosecution and the investigating authorites, an obligation to disclose any material that is in their possession of which they should gave access to the accused. Such information may assist the accused in exonerating himself of the others in obtaining a reduction in sentence or proving innocence.

This principle extends to material, which might under mind the credibility of the prosecution case or witness. Non-disclosure of certain evidance, relevant to credibility, may also raise an issue under 'Aricle 6' of human Rights Act.

In the prosecution papers, there are references to people having been arrested and actually being found in possesion of stolen property. The Johnson's and O'loughlin were never given any interveiws or the outcome of what evre happened to these people.

Take for instance, a group of people in London who were on a trial involving £30 million stolen antiques and gold boxes. These people were questioned about the Johnson's but again the Johnson's were never given access to their interveiews or what was actually said to them.

These are just a few things that i am mentioning. There is and was evidence to this. There is and was a great deal of information denied to everyone in this trial.

You yourself, the barristers, solicitors, QC's and the police are in of this possession of this vital material that discredits the prosecution case against 'Johnson's and O'loughlin'.

I have proof what I am saying. I will wait a while to see what the defence teams are doing or appealing on. Go through the barristers and defence teams papers. You will see that it shows a jigsaw puzzle with, many of the missing pieces missing and you can't see a compleate picture. When the material is disclosed then you will see the true picture in all its glory and it will be a differnt one to the one people are seeing now.

This is the key that all the defence team need to take.

I will help as things go along. You will win if you folow my advise.

Good Luck as it's a long and dirty road.

To be continued................

Anonymous said...

Do your bird lads,all good things come to those that wait.By the time you get out you will be old men and your women will be sore from all the men they will know ha ha .Enjoy your time in jail and reflect on all the times you robbed frail pensioners and this is now your payback.

Art Hostage said...

Art Hostage comments:

Have you read my latest post about the theft of an important painting stolen from a Church in Wales ?

Well, next we will be told that this was carried out by non other than Ricky Johnson and Jimmy Johnson by breaking out of jail, committing this theft, then breaking back into jail before lights out.

Of course that is absurd, but so is blaming every art theft on one family.

Anonymous said...

I hope these Johnson scum are never let out of jail,Cheltenham is a much better place without them and the only unfortunate aspect is that they have been allowed to breed,ensuring that there will soon be another generation of inbred scum grassing granny robbing pigs roaming the streets of our town.Faye is the only decent one among their family and thats only because she is very obliging down the alleys of various nightspots around the town,you know what i mean Faye.

Anonymous said...

Your a very sad and shallow person who wont put their names to their words and You Are below average intelegance !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you will find the word you are looking for is intelligence!!!
Learn to spell first before you try to be clever you inbred twat.
Also you have not put a name to your post so how can you say i am wrong not to put mine?
Say hi to the idiots when you visit and tell them their women are being very good ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

So how long did they end up getting each, how soon before they are out, could there be a re-trial, surely they didn't need to rob these antiques, they sell enough crack and heroin

Anonymous said...

Whatever they got it was not enough,rest of their natural lives would be about fair.That way they could do no harm to anyone.Their girls have been very loyal to them though and only go nightclubbing a few times a week and never get up to any thing wrong at the travelodge near TGI fridays :¬)
Photographic proof is available to any doubters.

Anonymous said...

Your sister is your mother,your father is your brother,you all shag one another the Johnson family. KARMA what goes around comes around ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Another inbred gets banged up,stop crying Batman your crack selling nonce daddy will look after you.

Anonymous said...

i would still like to know how much they got each though! i would imagine they will only do a quarter of their sentence, proper grassing rats.

Can't understand why the old bill bother listening to them, the amount of greif they cause must be more than the greif the people who they grass up does. i know these people and have used them to my advantage in the past, made quite a bit of money from them, they aren't very clever, just sly. they crave freindship cuz they know deep down every fucker hates them. And all of them including the older women are right into taking speed,that is something not many people would know either, they always kept it quiet from the others. they don#t like telling people abouth the extra body parts they got either! inbreeding is a dodgy thing eh?

oh by the way johno prick, grassing, junkie, bullying, couple of gays amongst you too, have you ever realised you will never be happy, you will get old and realise that your whole life was a waste, good enough for ya u scummy maggot cunts

buster said...
they found and recoverd slolen goods near stratford in avon,
king of the gypsies they called emselves ,the gypsies i know have pride,your just common thieves that cant take the wrap when your caught,but thats typical of so say hard families in gloucestershire,do your time ,

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh when they call themselves Gypsies.Their Grandfather was a true Gypsy but the mother was an old luvney from the town who had all the scum kids and gave us this problem we have now of an infestation of Johnson rat looking things.

As they breed they dilute any true traveller blood they have in them,Cheltenham is much safer now most of the shit are in jail but the women have been keeping the clap clinic in business ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Just seen Jimmy in the pub in Cirencester having a pint with a gavver,fucking scum nark

Anonymous said...

Just heard old Jimmy Johnson is dead,shame!

Anonymous said...

More Johnson scum on remand for alleged drug dealing.
I have heard Jimmy is dying with cancer well lets hope it's a long lingering painfull death.

Anonymous said...

Not sure wether it's true but I have just been told Jimmy's daughter Shannon is having a baby soon and there is a strong rumour among travellers in Evesham that the babies father is none other than Jimmy himself :o

david cross said...

its funny how you can all say something behind there backs and not to there faces . you weak bastards . batman is a good kid.

Anonymous said...

GET FUCKED SPASTIC, the johnsons are the nicest family in the world and I love how you won't say this to their faces

Anonymous said...